Western Union unfairly targets transfers to Grenada with excessive fees

In order to send any amount of money from New York City to Grenada via Western Union, the transfer fee is more than double what it costs to send the same amount of money to most other countries. In light of this fact, many contacted Grenadians and reached friends of Grenada – others who have reasons (business and / or personal) to wire money to the island – are ready to petition and protest this blatantly unfair, excessive, burdensome and unreasonable, discriminatory policy of Western Union. Folks are also ready to boycott Western Union if the company refuses to lower its fees for wire transfers to Grenada.

The Disparity: for example, in order to send US Brooklyn, NY; July 16, 2019 —$200 to Grenada, it is currently costing US $22.00, whereas to send the same amount of money to most other countries in the same Caribbean region or even way beyond, it will cost much less, as factually illustrated below:


US $200 Grenada US.$22.00

US $200 Haiti US.$11.99

US $200 St. Lucia US.$11.99

US $200 T&Tobago US.$8.00

US $200 Jamaica US.$8.00

US $200 Guyana US.$7.99

US $200 Panama US.$8:00

US $200 D.R. US.$8.00

US $200 Nigeria US.$8.00

In light of this gross disparity, Grenadians and other concerned friends of Grenada are demanding an immediate reduction of the fees for wire transfers that are destined for Grenada, so that the cost would no longer be unfairly burdensome and discriminatory for Grenadians and others who wire money to Grenada.

After noticing and further researching the gross disparity being meted out against those who wire funds to Grenada, Community Organizer, Gerry Hopkin, JD, decided to do something about the issue by contacting other leaders to properfully and effectively organize to address the matter. Additionally, steps are being taken to fully inform the Diaspora community of this biased disparity, which is negatively impacting struggling Grenadian families and by extension, Grenada’s economy, which heavily depends on remittances.

It is noteworthy that from 1986 to the present, remittances have accounted for an average of over 5 percent of Grenada’s GDP. Unfortunately however, a factual function of circumstances, is that higher fees result in lower amounts being wired – a cost-saving reality.

The new Western Union rate for Grenada, as observed here, is discriminatory, unfair and burdensome, not just to Grenadians and all who have reasons to wire money to Grenada, but also to all Caribbean-Americans everywhere. Unfairness, unreasonable and excessive financial burdens to nationals or expats of any nation in the Caribbean and or of CARICOM, is a disrespectful and inconsiderate affront to all, which must be addressed and resolved in the best interest of our struggling families.

As such, preparations are being made to soon call a press conference, at which plans for possible boycotts, public protests and all available legal action and government-administrative interventions would be announced.

Looking ahead, the goal is to get Western Union to bring an immediate end to their policy of discriminatorily targeting Grenada with unfair, excessive, burdensome and unreasonably high wire transfer fees.

If you would like to learn more about how you can play an organizing role in getting Western Union to do what’s just, right, fair and unbiased towards the people of Grenada, all concerned Caribbean-Americans and all friends of the Caribbean, may inbox Gerry Hopkin at Brooklyn Politics Global Impacts (Facebook), or call WhatsApp number 347-350-4285, or send an email to hopki[email protected]gmail.com.

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