What the Hell Happened?

What the Hell Happened?

Why does our mate cheat and leave us when we were nothing but good to them?!! The answers are finally here. The book that teaches how to catch people creeping, lying and cheating is here! The author has captured an audience with a wonderful and engaging topic that gets to a hurt that we can all relate to.

Andrew Benjamin, the Rescue Worker of Ground Zero has written a book that’s climbing the list of familiarity amongst women. The book “What the Hell Happened?!!” was created when Andrew received a “Dear John” letter after being a “Good Man” to his mate. The troubled author approached 1,000 women on the Internet seeking clarity and utilized their “life stories” (500 of them that guarantees one of them will be yours) that answers age-old questions for the reasons for relationship woes and breakups. “This is factual intelligence based on experience” says the author. “You too will find yourself deliberating with the jurors of “The People’s Court” chapter. You too will find yourself saying “WOW”, “DEEP” and “OMG.”

The book has been tested on grieving individuals, fresh out of breakups and has proven to ease the pain of not knowing what happened (the one-worded question that destroys us all: “WHY?”). Andrew says he has been contacted by women who read the book and thanked him for his inspiration. “As I read through the book, I see that the reason why you wrote it was for therapeutic reasons. It was your way to analyze the past situation and to receive closure from it. I definitely believe that others can learn from you. As I read the book I feel your pain, the pain of someone who you loved taking you for a fool (not reciprocating the real honest love that you had for them).”

Another individual wrote: “Just got through reading “What the Hell Happened?!!”. I just wanted you to know that I was up till 2:30 am reading and taking in EVERYTHING YOU WERE WRITING ABOUT. I was like WOW! I thought I was the only one going through that. This book was an eye opener for me. When I got to “The Aftermath” chapter I was floored because this coming from a man, and I have never ever heard this view from a man, and I am a woman who also went through everything in the “Aftermath.” You had my full attention. Read the “RED FLAGS” this morning and I am awe struck because the signs were there but I wasn’t paying attention because I was too damn busy trying to keep this man happy! Giving him “ALL” my quality time and making sure he was taken care of. This is a MUST READ BOOK. I have learned so much and feel so grateful. It’s not the end of the world, lol. Life is great and I am moving on. It’s time to do me! Wow man, now you have inspired me to write my story about what I just went through. Thank you.”

The Self-help Manual has been split into two separate books to accommodate individuals who just want to read either his life story (Short Story); or answers to their painful questions for “immediate” relief (Desperation Manual). The self-help book can also be found in the NY Public Libraries.

Women who have read the books are now directing their friends and families to the manuals; referring to Andrew as “The Luv_Doctor.” Doc’s cliental has grown so much that has built a social website (discussion forum) designed for questions and answers called “Dumb Relationship Questions and Discussions” (“DRQD”) www.whatthehellhappened.ning.com. The dumb questions are the questions we already know the answers to (Example: “Is he cheating on me?”) – and many times, deep down inside, we know “WHY” our mates act the way they do and why they left says Doc. Luv_Doctor is widely known on Facebook with his relationship discussion group “The Truth Hurts 2”, known for his “HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL” topics.

If you still ponder the question of why he or she left you or you are dating and entering a new relationship, then you owe-it-to-yourself to read these books to solve such questions, learn the possibilities of what can happen when dating, and how to avoid initial hurt you may experience by being vulnerable and gullible.

Visit the Luv_Doctor at www.whathappenedtoandrew.com.