WICB demands Gayle apologize

WICB demands Gayle apologize

Embattled West Indies batsman Chris Gayle will have to apologize if he wants to get back in the regional team.

That was the decision taken by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) recently and it comes after several unsuccessful attempts to resolve the highly contentious issue.

“Having received reports and reviewed correspondence between Chris Gayle and the West Indies Cricket Board and the West Indies Team Management and taking into consideration public statements made by Gayle with regard to the board and its officers, the board requires that Gayle withdraws his comments in order to be considered for selection to the West Indies team,” a WICB statement said.

The WICB said it had communicated the decision to Gayle and was currently awaiting a response.

Gayle has not featured in a West Indies side since making highly controversial comments about the WICB and Head Coach Ottis Gibson earlier this year, following the World Cup on the Asian subcontinent.

He missed the Pakistan series to play in the Indian Premier League but on his return to the Caribbean was told by the WICB he needed to explain his comments before being considered for selection for the series against India in June/July.

However, at the June meeting in Jamaica involving Gayle, WICB and the West Indies Players Association officials, the parties failed to resolve the matter and the meeting ended in acrimony.

Last month Gayle said he had spoken to Gibson who demanded an apology, but the former West Indies captain said he would not be backing down from his statements.