Wyclef Jean-inspired ‘The Sweetest Girl’

From left, James Pierre as Jean-Luc Donsalvo, Genji Jacques – as Lucias Goodman and Phoenix as Grayson Goodman.
C.W Griffin

Haitian-American filmmakers, whose short film has been receiving Oscar 2022 buzz, will have a private screening on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021, at 3:30 pm, at the Hip Hop Film Festival.

According to co-screen writer, Yanatha Desouvre, a former Brooklyn resident, “The Sweetest Girl” is a short film that pays homage to Grammy Award-winning and now recently Emmy-nominated artist, Wyclef Jean.

Desouvre told Caribbean Life that the film is “filled with heart and hope during these trying times in Haiti and around the world.”

Producer and Co Screenwriter of “The Sweetest Girl”, Yanatha Desouvre. Amy Desouvre

He said he and his childhood friends of 30 years, and now award-winning filmmakers, Harry Jeudy (executive producer, co-screenwriter) and Samuel Ladouceur (director) reunited in August 2020 during the 2020 peak of the COVID-19 to write, produce and direct this moving short film.

“This short not only honors their Haitian American heritage, it’s a love letter of hope that pays homage to their childhood hero, Grammy Winner and Haitian American artist Wyclef Jean, whose music helped these filmmakers heal through bouts of xenophobia and bullying, which negatively affected their mental health, and hopes to bounce back from these traumatic moments, stronger and more resilient,” Desouvre said.

“With their film, touching on universal themes of love, hope and redemption, this compelling short film, from a brotherhood of three decades is committed, with ‘The Sweetest Girl’, to bounce back from these traumatic moments, strong and more resilient with better days ahead,” he added.

The public can RSPVP for the film at https://hiphopfilmfestival2021a.sched.com/event/lt5c/the-sweetest-girl-private-screening

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