Yohan Marley says ‘Goodbyes’

Yohan Marley releases his new single “Goodbyes.” Ronald Wayne
Yohan Marley releases his new single “Goodbyes.”
Ronald Wayne

Yohan Marley continues to show his musical prowess with the release of his single “Goodbyes.”

Jointly produced by Marley, DJ Xpress and Jizzle, “Goodbyes” shares a dancehall, Afropop-infused musical sound, relatable to those who have experienced being forced to say goodbye, according to Destine Media on Wednesday.

The entertainment company said “Goodbyes” comes on the heels of Marley’s recently released single, “Brickell,” which has garnered attention from numerous DJs, internationally and on the national scene.

“With an industry that is constantly evolving, Yohan Marley is looking to make his contribution to the music with his creativity and ingenuity as he continues to grow his fan base,” Destine Media said. “’Goodbyes’ highlights the eclectic sound and writing style he is capable to deliver, while connecting with persons globally.

“As Yohan sings the chorus ‘don’t let goodbyes come to easy, just let me know that you need me’, there is a moment reminiscent of having to leave a relationship or loved one,” it added.

With the release of the single, Destine Media said Marley has also “gifted us with a visual to accompany the single.”

“Goodbyes” video – directed by Yohan Marley, produced by Michael Zoyes, with Stylist Axi Mines – was filmed in Miami.

“Yohan Marley remains the embodiment of a youthful fusion of reggae, pop and life as he takes the nex steps in carrying on the musical legacy,” Destine Media said.

“Goodbyes is currently available at  https://ghetto-youths-international.lnk.to/Goodbyes.

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