Young Devyn headlined her first concert Nov. 21, backed by dancers and a live band.
Photo by Louise Wateridge

Young Devyn might be 13 years old, but this young star is wise beyond her years.

With a mature and articulate disposition, Young Devyn — born Devyn Tyson — could lead you to believe that you are talking to a seasoned performer who is at least 20 years old.

Bursting onto the scene at the tender age of seven and a half-years-old, Young Devyn took on another milestone in her young career — headlining her first concert.

“It’s a lot of pressure and I’m really nervous because every time people come out to see me I’m just performing my tracks with my dancers but this is my own headlining show,” she said.

Young Devyn’s headlining show which took over St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church auditorium in Brooklyn on Saturday, Nov. 21 was two years in the making.

Forming the idea two years ago, the process to put the elaborate production together – equipped with a full band, outfit changes, smoke and fog machines, and more – began at the top of the year.

“In my head I’ve always pictured myself having a concert and finally earlier this year we decided to come to life with it,” she said.

The show included more than just Young Devyn hits, the Trinidadian star invited other young artists such as Jelanie, Da Gift, and The Big Show to share the stage with her.

Her young age doesn’t match the way in which she commands the stage for a full audience or her interactions with artists older than her.

“I’m going to sound really like a parent that’s crazy but Devyn is so mature for her age that I don’t really worry,” NaTasha Tyson, Young Devyn’s mother, said.

“Being more mature now and being more experienced, I can see who wants to be my friend and who doesn’t,” Young Devyn explained.

Young Devyn’s music can be found on her website,, and on iTunes.

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Young Devyn performing at her first concert at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church auditorium in Brooklyn on Saturday, Nov. 21.
Photo by Louise Wateridge

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