Young entrepreneur addresses Black History celebration

Obocho Peters and his mother, Sasha Peters, after a Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Black History celebration at Billie Holiday Theater.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

At the tender age of 11, Obocho Peters is already a well-established entrepreneur with a newly opened storefront in his Brooklyn neighborhood that sells gently worn children’s outfits.

The delightful, young man who was a guest speaker at the Feb. 4, Black History celebration hosted by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, certainly impressed the audience, with his confidence, and aspirations for a bright future that would include continuing his education and expanding his business to continue serving the community.

He started by saying Happy Black History month. It is an honor to be a part of tonight’s event. Congratulations, to the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and all the honorees.

This garnered loud applause, as the youngster went on to say, my name is Obocho Peters, I am an 11-year-old CEO from Brooklyn.

Peters, decked out in a black outfit with green shirt and tie, transfixed the crowd at the Billie Holiday Theatre with his amazing story that began on April 27, 2018, when the movie “Avenger Infinity War” came out and he wanted eight toys, but was denied the request because his mother just could not afford it after paying all the bills.

“On that day, I had a dream to sell all the clothes and shoes that didn’t fit me, to raise the money to get the toys without my mom’s money, but with help”

“What started off as wanting toys as a kid, quickly changed into a need for helping my community,” said the articulate, bold young man who sported a full Afro hairdo, and a confidence like any successful businessperson.

Master Peters today, is the CEO of Obocho Peters LLC that recently opened to grand fan-fair to residents who now shops at Obocho Closet a clothing store, that sells used garments, sizes 0-20 with a price tag of no more than $10.

The astute young businessman also has a charitable side. As such, a portion of the profits goes back into the community where Free Financial Literacy seminars are held. He said it is a challenging business model to be a for-profit business with a mission usually associated with a non-profit organization.

“With my mom as my foundation, I am very dedicated. I want to serve as a positive role model helping families to be financially free,” said the brilliant little fellow, adding, “we cannot do this alone.”

“With the services and resources of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to help entrepreneurs like myself to grow my business, I see a brighter future and my dream coming true to help all families be financially free.”

On Dec. 28, 2019 Master Peters cut the ribbon to unveil his store, surrounded by loved ones, elected officials, and welcomed residents to his store.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams assured Master Peters, that “people all over the globe are watching you, I am proud of you, and I believe this is just the beginning.”

Peters who is passionate about empowering his community, received awards from Borough President, Eric Adams, and Councilmember Farah Louis, and recently made an appearance on the Wendy Williams show in New York.

According to Fox 5 News, for his work, Peters was honored as part of Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams’ “Heroes of the Month.”

Sasha Peters, Obocho’s mother, said, “It shows that spirit that he has inside to help people, because his name ‘Obocho’ means ‘I am love’ and that’s exactly what my son is.”

Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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