Jamaican dancehall artists promote Spice’s album ‘Ten’

Spice, Queen of Dancehall.
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Three of Jamaica’s top dancehall artists energized the Wendy Williams show on June 18 with a loud performance. Shaggy and Spice, joined Sean Paul, (virtually), to sing Spice’s #1 hit single “Go Down Deh,” from her new studio album “Ten,” schedule to drop, July 30.

The superstar Talk Show deva, whose wax figure was just added at Madam Tussauds Museum in NYC, mused that she did not understand anything the trio said during their singing, but praised the performance anyway.

Williams who said Spice was not new to dancehall fans, but new to her, asked how she had hooked with the two legends.

Spice said she was the one who had reached out to Shaggy, musing that she went into his DM (direct message), on social media, and told him, she wanted to make a song, and within 24 hours, he responded, and invited her to his studio ‘Ranch,” in New York City.

While listening to some of the rhythms, I heard a chorus that said, “Wine and Go Down Deh. And I said that is me,” said the top selling dancehall singer, adding that she recorded her verse of the recording, and then thought it would be nice to have Sean Paul on the same track.

She called the ‘Temperature” singer, and he was receptive to the request, and within 24-hours, he sent his verse, and the hit single was sealed.

Screen grab of Jamaican #1 music selling, iconic Dancehall artists, Shaggy, Sean Paul, and Spice, performing on the popular Wendy Williams show, on June 18, to promote the upcoming release of Spice’s new album “Ten” scheduled to drop on July 30.

Spice was asked why it took her 10 years to release a new album, to which she replied: “I was signed to VP Records and we weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, it was a rocky road for the past 10 years,” said the VH1 Love and Hip-Hop of Atlanta reality alum, adding, that Shaggy stepped-in, fixed the relationship, and executive produced the album.

During the chic-chat, Williams showed Shaggy’s new digs in Florida and said she had heard he was doing free concerts with hip-hop singer Flow Ride in Florida.

She was referring to the concert held on July 17, live at Universal Studios in Orlando, where 3000 healthcare heroes were selected to attend.

Shaggy confirmed that the response was so overwhelming that the duo has plans to do a repeat performance.

The talk show host then showed a picture of the “It Wasn’t Me” singer’s wife and children. She also, showed, Sean Paul’s family, after asking the Jamaican stars about their love life.

At that point, Spice chimed-in to say, she was single, prompting Williams to approve, noting that men don’t understand the ‘grind’ of women performing on the road.

Spice who is proud of her Jamaican roots said “when people try to copy a Jamaican accent, others think it’s offensive, but we like it, because it means they are embracing our culture and pushing Jamaica forward.” She was responding to a question from Williams, regarding a certain reality star, trying to emulate the twang.

According to social media, “Go Down Deh” has garnered 13 million views since being released over a month ago.

The statement said,Go Down Deh cements Spice’s dominance in the dancehall scene, adding that the long-awaited album was preceded by her debut mixtape “Captured”released in 2018. This was widely commercially successful. It debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Reggae Albums chart, according to the media.”

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