JEWLU’S Spring Bazaar shopping experience outdoors after COVID-19

Clotil’s Creative Cards, Lorna’s Lip-smacking Pepper Sauce, H.E.R.O.C.. and Carol’s HomeMade Treats, LLC., small business owners who offered Mother’s Day gift items, against the backdrop of Shop Local, during the JEWLU’S Spring Bazaar, in St. Stephen’s Church Annex, Brooklyn, on April 30, as NYC returns to outdoor activities.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Colorful motifs, balloons, and collections of cosmetics, clothing, skincare, and a host of other enhancement items, enticed shoppers to buy local, in St. Stephen’s Church annex, Brooklyn, thanks to JEWLU’S Spring Bazaar, in support of small business owners, during the rebirth of New York City

Mother and son team, Denise Mitchell and Keva Wegman, on Saturday April 30, thanked the 13 vendors who displayed, and sold merchandise, and shoppers, who enjoyed an afternoon of music, food and friendship as they picked up Mothers’ Day gifts, during the return to their normalcy, and the outdoors.

Mitchell, a lover of pop-up evens, came up with the brilliant idea to bring the event to her Brooklyn community. She invited small businesses to showcase and sell their creative goods, while giving shoppers an opportunity to give back to their community.

Organizers of JEWLU’S Spring Bazaar Keva Wegman and Denise Mitchell, showcase items from their product line, during the pop-up in St. Stephen’s Church Annex, Newkirk Ave., Brooklyn. Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The lifestyle lady, and socialite who has been instrumental is hosting several events in her neighborhood, said after attending pop-up shops, she realized that it would serve customers well within her community, since there is a need for small vendors to come out and display their products.

Since hosting the first bazaar two years ago, before COVID-19, this is a welcoming start to the season, as well as a return to lifestyle events after the pandemic.

The dynamic-duo who displayed the sign “Shop Local” in the hall festooned with balloons, flowers and colorful decorations, will return with a grand “Christmas in July” themed bazaar with more vendors in attendance, to bring out the community for an early season shopping extravaganza.

The event, that provided free entrance, wowed clientele with delightful scents from JEWLU — naturally derived bath and body goods, the moment they walked through the door. ( Denise 917-692-9215. Keva Wegman 347-860-2153. Email: [email protected]

Evelyn Berkley, who has been alongside Mitchell from the inception, said the day was successful, noting that every day was a blessing.

“It is not only about the money, but also about, empowerment of female business owners. So long as we are here, people will come,” she said, noting that items are available for Mother’s Day. Berkley praised Mitchell for her initiative and called her a strong supporter of her business.

Vendors spoke excitedly about the benefits of their merchandise, and what it meant to be out at the Pop-Up marketplace, after two years on lockdown.

Adrianne and Tonya display their cosmetics and jewelry, respectively, at the JEWLU’S Spring Bazaar in St. Stephen’s Church Annex, Brooklyn, as NYC reopens. Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Tamika, founder/CEO of B4 UR SKN, with tagline – Guyanese Gold of Skincare – said a little bit of her product goes a long way. The product she said is a plant-based natural skincare line to satisfy daily regime needs.

Ryal’s Kandalls, showcased a line of soy scented candles, “made the Brooklyn way.” The selections included Black Boy Joy, One in a Melon, Dear Diary. The young, black, female-owned business is featured on Facebook and Instagram @RylasKandalls, and

Evelyn Berkley’s — showcased a wide variety of jewelry from $5.00 which included necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Her pieces are available online, and by calling 347-881-5557.

Lorna’s Lip-Smacking Pepper Sauce, created from the delicious Caribbean scotch bonnet pepper, comes in four delicious flavors, and sold in a variety pack.

Founder and CEO Lorna Welshman-Neblett, was happy to have her product back at an outdoor event, after two-years.

Jenuwin Experience’s unique line of eatable arrangements of Cheese & Meats, fruits and veggies, are ready to celebrate Mother’s Day. For orders go to on Instagram @jenuwinexperence. The ladies will also be hosting – Magic in the Hamptons, Color Block Edition on June 25, from 9 am to 9 pm. or call/text 929-356-6054 for all information.

Carol’s Home-Made Treats, LLC, a business, launched during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, when business, were old. has seen its sales of its delicious variety of vanilla cakes, and coconut bun, skyrocket over the last two years.

Founder/CEO Carol Bishop, who was featured in Caribbean Life, said she was happy that less than seven hours while the Bazaar was in process, her coconut buns had sold out, but is available via email request – [email protected].

St. Vincent-born Denise Craig, De Dazzle shoe designer displayed dazzling array of sneakers, for adults and children. The creator said she launched the collection after jazzing up a friend’s evening clutch purse, and has since been selling the footwear, some colorfully painted.

To purchase a pair, connect with Denise via social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram @denisecraigdedazzle, or by calling 973 280 6924.

Other venders included J. Randy Caribbean Bakery – “quality is our specialty” says the tagline. Wedding cakes, and catering to all special occasions service is available. Cupcakes, pastries and breads, could be purchased via [email protected] or 917-231-7446 or 347-951-4239.

TLC Total Life Changes – Detox, Energy and Weight loss for a free and healthy lifestyle. Call Denal Brown at 347-454-1106, on Instagram @xolove_naixoxo or email [email protected].

Designs by Tee produces Positive Motivational T -Shirts & Accessories. Go to IG: designsbytee3 and FB designsbytee3 or email [email protected] Tamara Dopwell could also be reached at 917-306-7159 to order.

Danielle Fairbairn-Bland, therapist, speaker and Made to Heal author of Children’s books, and journals for families to promote joy and wellness, has a wide range of her works to choose, by clicking

Others included Re-Appointed, a collection of greeting cards, and gift ideas, and wall hangers, picture frames created from puzzles, to raise funds to complete medical cancer mission to Guyana, by H.E.R.O.C,

Humble Posh cosmetics owner, Adrianne, opened her business just two years, ago, and sells a collection of makeup, eyelashes, eyeshadow, and beautifying tips. Go to for more.

Handmade earrings, pendants, rings, hair accessories with some hand painted, and made from polymer clay are very therapeutic, said owner Tonya. The creations are being sold on [email protected]

Clotil’s Creative Cards, come in an assortment of greetings, to meet the need of every occasion. And while shoppers picked up Mother’s Day gifts, they had an opportunity to eat at Lorraine & Glenda’s Kitchen table during the seven-hour event.

For more information, Email [email protected]

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