Lorna Welshman-Neblett – HERO/C president turns 70

Founder of HERO/C Lorna Welshman-Neblett at her 70th birthday celebration, attended by scores of friends, family and colleagues via a Zoom virtual platform on Feb. 13.
Priyadarshani Marcie Gordon

Women’s History Month

Lorna Welshman-Neblett, founder and president of the Health Education Research Organization/Cancer HERO/C is a humanitarian, who is passionate of educating and supporting the well-being of breast cancer survivors.

As the nation observe Women’s History Month, and Colorectal, Multiple Myloma, and Kidney Cancer Awareness, Neblett is vigilant more than ever to work with organizations in Guyana to share knowledge of prevention, through healthy living.

On Feb. 13, scores of family members, close friends and supporters celebrated the 70th birthday of Guyanese American Welshman-Neblett, a via Zoom virtual platform.

The beautiful collage of pictures against the backdrop of the night’s presentation, was a fitting tribute to the compassionate lady, whose journey was chronicled during the ‘giving thanks’ service, headed by longtime clergy, Deacon Joe Dass, who prayed for the birthday queen.

“We celebrate womanhood and Lorna as she celebrates her 70th birthday. We recognize her generosity, her commitment and her love, her ability to bring joy to all, she is always there, with us and supports us, and having her presence felt, said Deacon Dass.

Lorna is a woman of strength, she succeeded in many things in her life. Through the love of God and family and those who are close to her. The beauty of a woman is found in her spirituality, in her confidence, character, and in her hope and faith in God,” exalted the spiritual leader.

“My dear Lorna, I feel very privileged to celebrate this 70th birthday with you. As my elementary school friend, it was such a pleasure to reconnect with you after so many years and I am happy that we are now in constant contact.

“I concurred with all the positive qualities highlighted in the description of you. You are such a gem. This is a day for praise and thanksgiving as you observe this significant milestone, and this service is indicative of your intention.”

“I wish you continued good health, long life, peace, prosperity, happiness and all the desires of your heart. May you enjoy this day, and may it be a memorable one for you,” said Christine King, who logged on from Guyana.

Founder/CEO of Impressions Dance Theater, Verna Walcott-White called Welshman a strong woman of faith. “She adopted my dance school, because she saw a lot in me and the students, and for that she is a phenomenal woman. She gives and encourages you to move forward in life. I wish her God’s blessings for many more years ahead,” expressed White.

Neblett, was described as an awesome human, resilient, supportive, and appreciated. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi who said “you must be the change you wish to see in the world,” Lorna, you have embraced that change with HERO/C and so many other things you set your heart and hands into, and you have been phenomenal, for that you are blessed, be happy. We are grateful for having you in our lives, and all the other lives you have touched, said another friend.

Neblett, who has hosted an annual Easter Tea Party over the years to raise funds for Making Strides Cancer Walk under the theme: ‘Give Cancer the Boot,’ the group’s slogan, during Cancer Awareness Month, and for medical missions to Guyana to support cancer survivors and thrivers, was celebrated as a role model, no one can say anything bad about you, may God continue to open doors for you, may God bless you, said cousin, Petal.

Friend, Michelle Wilkinson, thanked Welshman for her friendship, promising to always keep the businesswoman, whose Lorna’ Lips-Smacking Pepper Sauce, made her a household whole name.

A multifaceted individual who, earned many accolades, for the outstanding charitable work she has done in the community, Neblett, was lauded for her loving kindness, and as someone who God created for a purpose, someone who is self-giving.

She was applauded for her tenacity, strength of character, love for her children, through thick and thin, indicative of a good mother, said longtime friend Lonsdale.

“I am truly blessed with the many friends, and family members that have rallied around me,” said Neblett, a former marketing executive with international fragrance brand, Thierry Mugler Perfumes, Clarins USA.

Described as a go-getter who brings passion and drive to everything she undertakes, the award recipient expressed gratitude, noting that she is blessed.

She thanked schoolmates from elementary and high schools, and friends from every neighborhood, “I have lived in since I came to the United States. Over 50 years of friendships.”

“I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in my celebration, I couldn’t have this year go by without having my blessing as I promised to God, when I turned 60, that I wanted to have this blessing on every birthday until I reached 70. Now, whatever comes after 70 is the icing on the cake,” she said.

Welshman, who has said that H.E.R.O/C inspires all women to stay healthy in many ways, and especially, during the pandemic, was forced to cancel the cancer mission to Guyana, but went ahead and donated, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits, to ‘Thrivers and Survivors’, received heartwarming love and gratitude from her children Yolanda, son Lean, grandson Patrick and sister, Loraine, adopted daughter, and Priyadarshani Marcie Gordon.

Friends, Alexandria, Pauline, Theresa, Desiree, Patricia, Rose and many others, shared birthday greetings, during the two-hour long celebration.

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