62 years in the beauty business

Caribbean Life salutes Dermalax System, Inc., located at 507 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, New York and its founder, Dr. Joseph Mosely, on the company’s 60th anniversary in the tricology and cosmetology business.

Dr. Mosely, a leading researcher in both fields, earned a doctorate degree from the London Institute for Applied Research in England — the site of the world-famous Institute of Trichology, in the scientific study of hair and its care.

Dr. Mosely was later joined in research by his daughter Jo Ann Mosely, a graduate of Central State University, and currently clinical director of Dermalax System Inc.

Extensive research has been done on a unique, prescription hair and scalp care system to address falling and damaged hair and scalp care problems.

They begin their treatment services with a thorough examination of the hair and scalp.

Problems not revealed by the naked eye can be uncovered by an in-depth analysis of the hair structure,” Ms. Mosely told Caribbean Life. “The examination is followed up with treatment recommendations, such as the therapeutic DEREGRO Scalp Fitness Program and Natural Organic Protein Infusion for damaged hair repair.

Dermalax’s trained and certified hair care experts will safely perm, press and curl, and style your hair without over-processing or chemical damage, and safely restore beauty to previously damaged hair. Stop in for a free booklet at Dermalax System Inc., at 1507 Nostrand Ave. (near Church Ave.) in Brooklyn, New York; or call (718) 975-0405 and speak with Joann. You may also visit them on the Web at dermalax.net.