A tea fit for royalty

A tea fit for royalty
Zita Adams singing “Forever Young.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The United Vincie Cultural Group of Brooklyn (UVCGB) continues to bring much flair and class to its fundraising activities with the hosting of its recent Tea Party, described as “fit for royalty.”

“This is a superb welcome fit for royalty,” said UVCGB member Sonia Alexis in introducing patrons at the group’s Seventh Annual Tea Party, on May 2, at St. Anthony Baptist Church, 425 Utica Ave., Brooklyn.

The event featured, among others, solo renditions by educator Zita Adams and Emily Mentos-James on harmonica; as well as song, tie and hat competitions.

“This Royal Tea comes from God himself,” said UVCGB president Dr. Roxie Irish, a former St. Vincent and the Grenadines national netball star, after providing instructions on “basic table manners.”

“First thing, you do not slouch (at the table),” she advised. “You sit up straight. “Since your mother said it 100 times, I’m going to say, ‘you do not speak with food in your mouth.’

“Keep your elbows off the able,” Irish added. “Don’t reach: Ask someone to pass the sugar and milk. Don’t forget to say thanks. After you eat, please wipe your mouth.”

Before singing “Forever Young,” Adams complimented patrons for their elegance and beauty.

“When I look at the audience, it’s a beautiful audience,” she said. “The ladies are beautiful, and the gentlemen match the ladies.

“Everybody looks young,” Adams added. “Whether you’re 1 or 100 years old, you’re young. So you have to stay forever young.”

Vincentian Barbara John and Evangelist Lorina Hall, of Jamaica, tied for first place in the Song Competition that comprised 26 contestants; Philadelphia-based couple Mr. and Mrs. Denniston Wood, of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago, respectively, won the Tie Competition; and Susan Edwards, of Curacao, last year’s runner-up, won the Hat Competition, against patrons’ disapproval.

The Woods were among members of the Philadelphia-based St. Vincent and the Grenadines Organization of Pennsylvania (SVGOP), who reciprocated by attending UVCGB’s Tea Affair. UVCGB had travelled to Philadelphia last month to participate in SVGOP’s annual Tea Party.

“We have a long relationship with the United Vincie Cultural Group of Brooklyn, and we’re here to have fun with you,” said Lorenzo DeCaul, SVGOP’s president.

“We have friends in high places — even in Philadelphia,” responded Irish, in jest, who chaired the proceedings.

She complimented UVCGB’s members for working “tirelessly” in making the event a success.

“We are so grateful to God for the manner in which he chooses to bless this ministry, because this is all about Him,” Irish, a Born-Again Christian, later told Caribbean Life.

“There are always challenges, but we are totally committed to doing the will of God, and that is to be a blessing to others,” she added.

“Each year, we watch the number of attendees grow, and that is a true indication that they enjoy these events,” she continued. “We always strive to please our guests (supporters), and they are such wonderful people.

“For everything we are accomplishing through these events, our supporters play a major role,” Irish said. “Our reason for doing what we do is for our Vincentian people. The need is great, and we are trying to do our part in meeting the need.”

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