Action for AIDS slates Harlem forum

Recent statistics on HIV/AIDS and its impact on the Black community will be discussed during a forum slated for Harlem on Feb. 12.

The informative presentation will be hosted by the Scholar’s Committee of the National Action Network, the grassroots organization headed by Rev. Al Sharpton. According to the organizers, a panel of experts representing diverse disciplines of health and social welfare will share their insights. Questions such as ‘What are the latest statistics on HIV/AIDS in the Black Community?’

‘ Who should get tested?’

‘How reliable are the tests?’

‘What are the most effective treatments?’

‘What is the latest information on sexual transmission?’

And a preponderance of related queries will be addressed during a question and answer period.

The distinguished list of presenters include: Deborah A. Levine, V.P., National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS; Tracie Gardner, director, New York State Policy for the Legal Action Center; Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, Harvard, author, lecturer; Tommy Morrison, former boxing champion and diagnosed HIV positive; Celia Farber, journalist, author; Dr. Ann Brown, PhD Microbiology, author, lecturer; Rev. Dr. Michael Ellner, president of HEAL NYC, author, lecturer; Dr. Jack Felder, bio-chemist, author and lecturer; Tom DiFerdinando, executive director of HEAL NYC, counselor and lecturer; Dennis Levy, president of the Black and Latino AIDS Coalition; Sister Maa, wife of Dr. Sebi, and co-founder of the Fig Tree, holistic practitioner; Princess Little Flower, holistic practitioner; Curtis Cost, author and lecturer.

The forum will begin at 4:00 p.m. at the headquarters of the National Action Network, 106 West 145th St.