Adams: Jouvert here to say

Adams: Jouvert here to say
Paul Martinka

Borough President Adams defended the pre-dawn parties that each year precede Brooklyn’s West Indian American Day Carnival Parade, claiming violence associated with the events — including a shooting that killed a man and injured five on Labor Day — has more to do with gun control than out-of-control partying.

The Beep said that Monday morning’s shooting during the controversial Jouvert celebration— which injured Carey Gabay, an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo — is not a reason to cancel a cultural event that has been happening for years despite calls from others to do just that.

“For those who are calling for the end of Jouvert we are saying ‘No,’ ” Adams said on Thursday. “This is not a Jouvert problem, this is a public safety problem.”

Instead, Adams proclaimed after a meeting with police and community leaders that he wants to create a task force to take to the streets the day of celebrations to ensure the safety of all participants.

“Our goal is to educate the public that it is more than just the parade that takes place,” he said.

Adams also stressed that promoters of Jouvert parties — who host parties without getting permits from the city — be included in the conversation.

“We want to bring in all of the promoters that are hosting events at bars, restaurants, and nightclubs – they have been left unquestioned in their participation in creating an atmosphere that often leads into some form of violence,” he said.

This task force will be established the first week of October, according to Adams. He also mentioned involving faith leaders and youth ambassadors to teach the community about cultural celebrations like Jouvert.

“We’re going to use this as a teaching moment,” he said.

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