Albon Waldron

Albon Waldron.

After retiring from his public service job in Trinidad and Tobago, Albon Waldron wasn’t ready to give up on helping others. He moved to the United States with the goal of finding job where he could work among people. Waldron landed a position as a financial counselor at Kings County Hospital and has been working for the last 16 years to help people meet their medical needs no matter their budget.

“They are more confident when knowing they can not afford medical treatment financially but there is an opportunity for them to get help and meet that expense and take care of their health,” he said.

Waldron’s passion for public service is rooted in his childhood. He lost his father as a baby and said he was was “one of those people who is a child of the village,” growing up benefiting from the help of many. Always striving to better himself, he attended the University of West Indies and graduated with a bachelor in government science.

This translated to his career in public service and then to his job at Kings County Hospital, where he finds satisfaction in knowing he’s passing on what he learned about helping others as a youngster.

“The work matters because it means something to make the community healthier,” he said. “This is what it’s about, it’s about my dedication to public service.”

As a resident of East Flatbush, Waldron is an important part of the community — his neighbors seek him out for help with financing their medical care, telling one another to find him for assistance. And showing his humility, he reiterated that he sees his Caribbean Healthcare Award as an honor for the entire community he is working to improve.

“I want to dedicate the honor the healthcare community,” he said. “It has to go back to them. I enjoy serving them immensely.”

And the feelings are mutual, as those in the community said they are grateful for his service, praising his commitment.

“He remains humble and dedicated,” said Allison Cummings, a friend of Waldron’s.

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