Alkaline gracious for Givenchyss23 men’s showcase

Jamaican dancehall artiste, Alkaline.
Jamaican dancehall artiste, Alkaline.
New Era/Xclusive management

Jamaican dancehall star, Alkaline on Friday expressed gratitude to Givenchy and its Creative Director, Mathew M. Williams for four singles from Alkaline’s catalog that were featured in Givenchyss23 men’s showcase in Paris, France in June.

“It’s with no surprise that the man himself, Alkaline, continues to make huge strides in reggae-dancehall music globally,” said Alkaline’s manager Kereena Beckford in a statement. “Since the artiste introduction and ascension to the helm of the genre he represents fueled by his artistry, authenticity and loyal fans, Alkaline continues to redefine the space as an independent artiste.

“On Jun. 22, 2022, four songs from Alkaline’s catalog were featured at Givenchyss23 men’s showcase in Paris, France,” she added. “Alkaline would like to express his sincerest appreciation to Givenchy Creative Director, Mathew M Williams, for the inclusion in said showcase and look forward to a continuous great relationship and partnership.”

Beckford said that “dancehalls influence on cultures, genres and fashion across the world is renowned, and this new milestone demonstrates not just the economic value of the genre/culture but also Alkaline’s growth as he champions and ushers in a new era for Jamaican music.” said that “just as rich as any natural resources Jamaica is globally known for throughout history, so, too, is the talent of Alkaline, a true son of the island.

“Born on Dec. 19, 1993 to Charmaine Watt and Earl Bartley, his given name Earlan Bartley, Alkaline is one of four siblings who grew up in a typical family structure,” it said.

With his command and grasp for his academic studies, Reggaeville said Earlan Bartley went on to attend “one of Jamaica’s most prestigious institutions, Ardenne High School.”

“It was there, during his mid-teens, the young scholar made initial attempts at exploring his penmanship, linguistic skills and musical talents,” said. “Mr. Bartley’s high school days saw him with the support of his peers and intrinsic belief, laying the foundation for a solo musical career. His youthful exuberance and curiosity saw him visiting local recording studios, where he crafted and molded his artistry whenever and wherever possible.”

After graduating from high school and pursuing studies briefly at the University of the West Indies, said Alkaline started to “garner traction in the streets, as he saw himself as an ‘in di streets yute’ echoing their voices through his art.”

It said Alkaline went on to becoming a “‘counterculture icon’ and a musical force as his hardcore rhymes, killer hooks, slick production which propelled not just his music but himself to stardom.

“His persona forged with a soft urban edgy twist grounded in hardcore appeal, gives dancehall meets urban pop culture reflecting mainstream influences on the islands culture,” said. “Undoubtedly, one of the ‘Baddest Lyricist” to emerge into the reggae-dancehall genre in the past decade, Alkaline went on to producing hits after hits and developing a cult following selling out venues, breaking musical records, surpassing his peers and raising the bar.”

His 2016 debut album, “New Level Unlocked,” went on to peaking at #1 and spending 18 weeks on the Billboard Reggae Album coveted charts, “a feat many of his seniors and colleagues unsuccessfully attained,” said.

“Under the stewardship of his management team Kereena Beckford and Kimona Bartley (New Era Productions) and being a Martin Luther King enthusiast, Alkaline to date is one of the most successful independent artiste to emerge from the Caribbean,” it added.

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