PAUSE…Take a bow.

Talk about excitement along with an energetic and winning performance by the Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars players playing Leon ‘Smooth’ Edwards’s arrangement of Clive Telemaque’s “Excitement” had patrons in the North and Grand Stands jumping and bawling for more.

Polished and sounding clean, All Stars is way out front of the pact. In the coming days the band will go through hard drills. The title is All Stars to win.

From the time Witco Desperadoes hit the drag, supporters and pan lovers really enjoyed Robbie Greenidge’s arrangement of SuperBlue’s “Spankin.” Despers is the outsider in the top five to win the title. Robbie wants it bad. “One player said, you can feel it, come in the yard and you will see.”

Make way for Duvonne Stewart, who needs a title to “rank with the “big boys.” Renegades playing a jumpy rendition of “In De Minor” had both stands supporting the band and calling for more. Tobago’s best crackshot has a very good chance to win the crown as the Charlottle Street band gets ready for a week of hard practice. Go for it Duvonne.

Do not count out Exodus playing Pelham Goddard’s arrangement of “Pan is Carnival.” Talk about a race having two dark horses. Well Pelham knows what he is doing. The “little genius” has a well polished song and as usual during the coming days will put in his new passages for the final. Nice song Pelham.

Enter champions Phase II Pan Groove playing Len “Boogsie” Sharpe’s arrangement of “Jump High”. The band got a very fast start but eventually flowed with the song with the free passages of the tenors and bassline. “Boogsie” finished the song early Sunday morning. Do not underestimate Phase II, 11 points off All Stars and “Boogsie” still wants it. “I working real hard for this, I want it bad, I will make up the points,” said “Boogsie.” Also playing were Silver Stars, Airlines Invaders, Tropical Angel Harps, Skiffle, Solo Harmonites and Birdsong.

Starlift performed “Happiest Man Alive” but did not make it.

In the medium band category Pan Elders won playing “All Ah We Is One Family” arranged by Duvonne followed by Tobago’s Buccooneers. The band played a Sieon Gomez’s arrangement of “Madness.” Buccooneers won last year.

Katzenjammers played a wicked “Spankin” arranged by “Boogsie” and has an outside chance of pulling it off.



1. Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars – “Excitement” (274)

2. Republic Bank Exodus – Pan is Carnival (271)

3. Witco Desperadoes – “Spankin” (263)

3. Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove – “Jump High” (263)

3. BP Renegades- “In De Minor”(263)

6. CAL Invaders – “Jam It” (262)

7. PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars – “The Reason” (257)

8. Skiffle – “The Wedding (Shaadi)” (255)

9. NLCB Fonclaire – “Big In De Dance” (254)

10. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps – “In De Minor” (253)

10. NGC La Brea Nightingales – “Pan In The Atmosphere” (253).


1. Pan Elders – “All Ah We Is One Family” (278);

2. NLCB Buccooneers – “Madness” (272),

3. Petrotrin Katzenjammers – “Spankin” (270);

4. Valley Harps – “Happiest Man Alive” (269);

4. NGC Steel Xplosion – “Dust In Dey Face” (269);

6. NGC Couva Joylanders – “Free Up” (267),

7. Arima Angel Harps – “In De Minor” (264),

8. Carib Dixieland – “Dis Is It” (263);

9. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille – “Poison” (262);

10.Melodians – “The Hammer” (259)

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