Ambassador of Peace Award for Muriel Glasgow

Ambassador of Peace Award for Muriel Glasgow
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Former United Nations sustainability specialist, humanitarian and author, Muriel Glasgow, will be honored with the Ambassador of Peace Award for her selfless contribution to peace, human rights and development with NGOs and UNICEF.

The Guyanese-American will be presented with the prestigious award at the 49th Commemoration Gala Reception and Celebration of the Organization Of African Unity (OAU)- African Culture Center – in collaboration with the African Woman of Good Governance.

The event will be held on Thursday, May 24 at the New York Academy of Medicine Conference Center, in New York City. The gala starts at 6:00 p.m.

Glasgow is multi-talented and an exceptionally brilliant individual, who has used her skills in every imaginable way to improve the lives of others. She served 30 years with UNICEF where she was responsible for implementing programs to provide clean drinking water, and hygienic and sanitation conditions in various countries like Haiti, Togo, Madagascar, Indonesia to name a few.

Glasgow focuses on education as a member of the African Renaissance and Diaspora Network, where she heads up an impressive science program for children under six years old within the (ICU) Imaginary/Innovative and Creative Unit of the organization.

She is also the founder of STEM Clubs for Kids, and co-founder of the Vihara Foundation. The UN Mentoring Program for Junior Professionals, also benefit from Glasgow’s outstanding work.

A champion for several causes, Glasgow continues to energize and educate the community with her business ventures through Moringa Partners, Idea Generator, and Space, all under the umbrella of MG Associates Inc.

An articulate and well-informed communicator, Glasgow is the host and producer of “Yakker’s Corner” – a blog radio show and podcast network channel that broadcast humanitarian stories and sustainable development initiatives pertaining to the goals of the United Nations.

Glasgow’s elegant style of dress was parlayed into Muriella Designs – a ready to wear collection of cotton fabric creations, finished with an African batik and tie-dye motive. The eveningwear, and casual pieces are top sellers in the Tri-State area.

The Columbia University Alum, and effervescent Ms. Glasgow is affiliated with prominent organizations such as the University Peace Federation, Fashion Group International, the Law of Attraction New York Group, United Nations Women’s guild South African Partnership Committee, the Annual Guyana Folk Festival and many others.

She is the recipient of the Guyana Cultural Association Award and the Certificate of Service of the United Nations Panel of Counsel among others.