Antoine Int. to portray ‘Reflection Of Our Culture’

Antoine Int. to portray ‘Reflection Of Our Culture’|Antoine Int. to portray ‘Reflection Of Our Culture’
Photo by Tangerine Clarke|Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Known as one of the most versatile band leader and costume designer whose creations have won numerous trophies for other bands, and as an individual leader since 1991, Kenneth Antoine is going back to his culture in this year’s portrayal of “Reflection of Our Culture.”

The theme will chronicle Mas itself, with nine sections to tell the story of carnival around the world, said Antoine who noted that the festival is now being celebrated in places its never been before. This he will capture, in addition to showcasing the re-birth of carnival.

The medium band of approximately 350 revelers will depict “Reflections,” “Savage Beauties,” “Saucy Simanetta,” “Precious Love,” and “Realistic Love,” among others.

The reigning champion junior band, which won three consecutive times, with first, second and third prizes will feature “The Beauty of Flight,” “Flight in the Garden,” “Fire Storm,” “Kites,” “Gliders” and “Hot Air Balloons.”

As a master wire-bender, Antoine continues his passion for creating mega headpieces five feet high to match his stunning body wear.

Masqueraders could choose from full bath suits, mono-kini, two-piece and whole suits many designed with wire bras, in a variety of stunning colors to represent the sections.

Using feathers from a speciality store in Florida, and trimmings from Trinidad, Antoine lavishly decorated the headpieces with feathers, mixing yellow and orange, blue and pink, purple and brown and peach and teal for a stunning finish. The bedazzling body hugging pieces are etched with braiding, sequins and stones. He said he wants his costumes to stand out on the parkway.

As leader of the band, Antoine will surely challenge judges when he puts on a 20-foot-tall headpiece as the “Beast Master.” The piece will feature a snake and dragon in one, he pointed out, to portray a pet protective of the beautiful ladies in the band.

With all of the exquisite work that went into crafting the collection of costumes, the designer said the pieces are modestly priced to give revelers an opportunity to play mas with band. The front line costumes cost $400, the most expensive in the adult male and female band, while all kids costumes cost $100.

Antoine International is located at 258 Empire Blvd. in Brooklyn, at the corner of Bedford Avenue.

The camp could be reached by calling 347-303-7857 or Email:

Costume designer and band leader, Kenneth Antoine with his costume beauties from three sections of Antoine International.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke