Appy Holidays: Send joy to the world…for free

Appy Holidays: Send joy to the world…for free
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It is almost the 11th hour to make it to stores and still find bargains. However, last minute shoppers can relax with the comfort of delivering on-time, affordable gifts to friends and family members considered worthy of holiday cheer and it will not cost one penny to invest and deliver.

Technology and search engines on the worldwide web enable free applications that guarantee a wealth of useful portals providing insurmountable information that will not cost one cent and best of all will arrive just in time to capitalize on the holiday gift-giving tradition.

From free music provided by Apple’s iTunes, to Dictionaries, Wordnet, Livio and Urban the choices are wide, varied and free.

Here are a few:


Google Photos is a free app that offers unlimited photo and video storage.

Photos combine automatic backup, sharing and editing functions, as well as just about the best photo organization tool users can implement to create a powerful photo app which is hard to beat. The easy to apply ‘click and drag’ feature can be easily installed in any photo gallery.


Anyone with links overseas should capitalize on this free application. Used widely by numerous commercial television shows to interface with artists and contacts, Skype is the free gift to add to any phone or computer. The basic principle of being able to call anyone anywhere in the world for free still seems as ingenious today as when Skype was first released in 2003.

Imagine calling, seeing, talking and communicating with friends and family in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe – as a matter of fact, anywhere in the world – for free is probably an invaluable app to install. Skype is the way to go to save on phone bills and best yet, to keep up with friends and family far, far away.

Google Earth

Google’s ever-evolving Earth-viewing app never ceases to impress, allowing users to fly around cities in street view one second, and in the process providing a means to pinch to zoom out and view the entire country.

This app allows users to explore the world. It is not really an actual navigation assistant. Earth permits users to submit photos taken in specific areas which others can enjoy. Earth recently added the option to track planes in flight, and even look at hiking trails. This is an app that can really steal hours because of its mesmerizing earthly ability.

Autodesk Pixlr

A must have for smartphone users who take photos is Autodesk Pixlr.

Pixlr is acclaimed the gold standard for awesome free photo editing apps on Android.

Users wanting to make collages, add filters, overlays, borders, text, stickers will find Pixlr the picture- perfect app to install. And remember it is free too.

Audible for Android

In this century where reading is no longer fundamental, anyone too busy to leer into pages can listen to words and still be informed. With Audible for Android installed on a phone, one can listen to books while on the go choosing from more than 150,000 titles, of all different genres.

Although yours truly remain convinced that there is nothing like reading a book, this app provides a plu-perfect alternative for busy commuters, joggers, or travelers on a long road or rail trip.

The app is well made and can be programmed to feature bookmarking, sleep mode, variable narration speed, multitasking features and other applicable details.


Weather apps are abundant. However, one of the best weather apps to try is AccuWeather. It offers unrivaled customization options. Offered services include Minute Cast for weather by the minute, weather for worldwide locations, a home screen widget and much more.

Amazon Kindle

Anyone that has ever read an ebook knows that Amazon Kindle is the king of ebook readers. One can use it to read any Amazon ebook as well as any other ebooks.

Google Camera

Not all camera phones are equal. Google Camera can correct bad photo with their free camera app which adjust flaws and improve on any defective photo. It even has post-focusing capabilities.


President Barack Obama uses this app (or that is what his office released in a press statement). Spotify will challenge Google Play Music,, Pandora, SoundCloud and even YouTube in the battle to bring music to users.

It provides an eternal playlist for free. The president of the USA said Stevie Wonder is one of the artists that remain a constant on his Spotify playlist.


This is perhaps the most popular instant messaging application now being used. Regarded to be another essential app for every Android phone user, WhatsApp bests most for communicating and like Facebook it is easily the most popular instant messaging app in the world.

Facebook Messenger

A companion to Facebook is Facebook Messenger. This free app enables users to chat on Facebook.


Dropbox is the gift of file expansion app that allows users to expand on internal storage of photos. What it actually does is stores to a cloud based backup of everything that’s important to users. Music, photos, files and more can be saved and restored, just in case users ever lose a device.


Speaking of photos, it doesn’t get any better than Instagram for users wanting to live life through imagery rather than text. Users can follow friends and celebrities to see the whole through someone else’s eyes. Be warned though, it could be addictive.


Pushbullet is an app useful to just about everyone. Pushbullet guarantees that users will never miss another notification. Pushbullet can display notifications directly onto phone or computer screens or share links, photos, files and more between multiple Android devices.


News-hounds should definitely invest in this free app. Feedly provides an endless stream of news in the world by combining information from numerous news-oriented websites and keeps them in one place. Check it!


Helium is a must-have app for anyone that has ever lost data or never done a backup before. It can be used to connect to computers for backup of everything. Use Helium for safety and storage.

Bonus: Try new apps and get rewards

If you’re looking for more great apps for Android, download Buzzinga!

Buzzinga recommends new apps for users to discover and review. Best of all, in addition to being free, users are rewarded for applying it. The premise is simple: the more apps one downloads and reviews the more points that can be accumulated. Those points can be exchanged for the chance to win prizes, including Ultra HD TVs, the newest smartphones and other gadgets, or can be redeemed them for Amazon, Starbucks and GameStop gift cards.

Buzzinga is developed by App Media.

In all your applications, have an appy holiday.

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