Assemblymember Jaime Williams provides hope for Haiti

From left: Associate Pastor Joseph Emmanuel Jean, Pastor Mullery Jean-Pierre, Assemblymember Jaime Williams, Yolane Ridore, Pastor Rasool Berry ,Melba Brown, Senator Persaud, Gardy Brazela, Dr. Dean Joseph, Ritha Pierre, Civil Court Judge Inga O’Neale, and Henry Bolas.
Office of Assemblymember Jaime Williams

Brooklyn Assemblymember Trinidadian Jaime Williams, in conjunction with Beraca Baptist Church, spearheaded a fundraiser for the recent earthquake in Haiti.

A highlight of this fundraiser was Assemblymember Williams’ experiences while on a recent trip to Haiti with the church, “which brought awareness to the great needs and the condition of Haiti after the earthquake.”

Williams, who represents the 59th Assembly District, said the “Hope for Haiti” fundraiser also included inspiring words from elected officials, such as Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, State Sen. Roxanne J Persaud, Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte-Hermerlyn, Assemblymember Clyde Vanel, Assemblymember Martiza Davila and Council Member Farah Louis, among others.

“This event apprised those that were in attendance and those that were viewing from home of the aftermath and severity of what was left behind by the earthquake, with testimonials from those who witnessed the damages firsthand,” said Williams in a statement.

She said the 69th Precinct Community Council President Gardy Brazela and District Leader Melba Brown also shared and encouraged residents to support the Haitian community.

In addition, Williams said State Sen. Andrew Gounardes, City Council Member Justin Brannan, Principal Merve Williams of Isaac Bildersee-Intermediate School 68 have been instrumental in collecting donations for the people of Haiti.

“Local elected officials spoke of Haiti’s need for resources, which inspired many of those in the community who had not previously donated to do their part in bettering the lives of those suffering in Haiti,” said Williams, who led the program with her own testimonial as a result of visiting Haiti after the earthquake.

Assemblymember Jaime Williams. Office of Assemblymember Jaime Williams

“I needed to be there for myself – to see, to hear and to do an assessment,” she said. “After visiting Haiti, it is clear that the disaster is way bigger.”

The Assemblymember added that she chose not to use the word “resilient” because Haiti continues to be affected by several tumultuous issues.

“The Haitian people have and will continue to adapt, improvise and overcome the obstacles in their path,” she affirmed.

Guyanese-born Persaud, who represents the 19th Senate District in Brooklyn, gave an inspiring take on the disaster in Haiti.

“As a community, we will come together to fight for the Haitian people,” she said. “We stand with the people of Haiti not just in words; we are here to ensure we come back stronger, and we are prepared for any disaster that strikes us.

“We want to ensure that we will never have to endure what we are going through again; we will be prepared,” Persaud added. “The days may be dark now, but there is always light at the end of that tunnel.

“Haiti will rise and be stronger than ever because the Haitian people are a strong people, and they shall overcome,” the senator continued.

Williams said it was “important that we see that the need on the ground in Haiti is greater.

“We must come together and think of our brothers and sisters that are suffering,” she urged. “Standing up for our community is ever important.”

She noted that the community in Canarsie, Brooklyn, which is part of the 59th Assembly District, has a large population of Haitian residents.

“We must be an example and show them that they can count on us, because we are fighting for them and supporting them through our partnership with Beraca Baptist Church and BCDC on the ground in Haiti,” she added, stating that “where there is faith there is hope”.


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