Audiomack aids Jamaican youth via Buju Banton Foundation

Reggae singer Buju Banton. Shawn Theodore
Reggae singer Buju Banton.
Shawn Theodore

Streaming and distribution company Audiomack has linked up with the Buju Banton Foundation to offer hope to economically-challenged youth in Jamaica by donating US$5,000.

“Giving back to artists and their communities is a cornerstone of the music sharing and discovery platform’s ideology,” said Audiomack in a statement on Monday.

It said aid to iconic talent Buju Banton’s humanitarian efforts also includes providing instruments and sporting equipment to Sunbeam Children’s Home, Mount Olivet Boys Home and Denham Town High School.

“We are excited to partner with Buju Banton and The Buju Banton Foundation to help provide resources to the boys, so they can have an opportunity to excel at the highest level,” said Audiomack Vice President of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Jason Johnson.

The Buju Banton Foundation [@bujubantonfoundation] provides sustainable assistance like skills training and educational opportunities to ensure that underserved and at-risk young people have equal opportunities to succeed.

The organization said it collaborates with known entities worldwide, including other popular artists, having worked with rapper Kanye West recently to secure funding for laptops.

“Supplying tools for developmental growth and establishing dependable learning environments are critical for disenfranchised youth,” the Buju Banton Foundation said.

“Given the economic moment and its impact on individuals and organizations, the Buju Banton Foundation salutes Audiomack for opening its heart and hands to vulnerable boys,” added Rosemary Duncan, director, Buju Banton Foundation.

Audiomack is a global leader of independent music for fans, artists and industry professionals.

The company said it is expanding rapidly in part due to its dedicated efforts with “geo driven emphasis.”

Specifically, the Audiomack Caribbean division, led by Tanya Lawson, said it is thriving with an increased focus on highlighting the talent and supporting island-specific initiatives, including charitable acts.

“Our directive is to fully embrace the people and places that give rise to, and inspire, artists and music lovers while providing outreach,” she said.

“We work with media liaisons known as personal champions for rising talent from the Caribbean, and we invest in amplifying voices in tandem with increased visibility on the international stage and crossing into the mainstream,” Lawson added.

The Audiomack platform is accessible by app and on the web:

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