Audiomack debuts ground-breaking feature

Audiomack World, a new destination for music fans and creators, showcasing original content from around the globe.

A new feature has emerged on the Audiomack app, highlighting the latest on the digital entertainment scene through original content from across the globe.

“As a destination for music fans and creators, the platform shines on various categories and paths for discovery,” Sarah A. Freiseis, special projects manager with the Brooklyn-based entertainment company, PlaybookMG, told Caribbean Life on Tuesday, stating that, from editorials to highlight reels, showcases range from new music spotlights to artist interviews and profiles to exclusive series and education.

Brendan Varan, Audiomack’s vice president of Content Strategy (US), said, “We’re able to provide fans and creators with exclusive stories, advice, and entertainment they won’t get anywhere else, all in the same place.”

Freiseis users are at the forefront of new music with their accessibility to curated playlists and in-depth conversations with rising stars and established icons alike.

She said Audiomack’s groundbreaking, original series are also “a source of unique insight through an insider’s lens.”

Freiseis said segments include: “Trap Symphony,” “Fine Tuned,” “Bless The Booth.”

“Part of the company’s mission is to equip creatives with the tools and know-how to help them succeed,” she said.

Freiseis said this initiative also includes a special program called GEMS “that serves as Audiomack news, paired with tips from experts and self-education guides.”

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