Bajan attorney invests in East Flatbush

Bajan attorney invests in East Flatbush
Attorney Terry Hinds.
Terry Hinds

As a former chairman of Community Board 17 in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, attorney Terry Hinds says he continues to be very involved within the community.

Hinds, who was born in East Flatbush to Barbadian parents, told Caribbean Life, in an exclusive interview, that he is an entrepreneur within his own neighborhood, stating that “it shows what it takes to make it and to give back to the community.”

The attorney, an East Flatbush resident his entire life, said he previously served as chair of the Community Board 17’s Transportation Committee, and served as president of the Erasmus Neighborhood Federation.

He credits his strong work ethic and focus on the community that he lives in to growing up in a household with two teachers.

“My parents spent a large portion of time bettering the community, and I learned from that,” he said. “I grew up in a community-conscious family.”

Hinds is very career / business oriented a well. He is the owner of Sterling Real Estate Group, LLC, and serves as an attorney at his own firm, The Hinds Firm LLC.

His work ranges from free forums, focusing on foreclosure to tenant issues, housing and immigration.

Hinds described his law firm is “community-based,” stating that he works specifically with education, stop and frisk laws, senior citizens and community awareness.

He is a graduate of the University of Hartford and Widener University Law School. He attended Samuel J. Tilden High School in East Flatbush.

His wife, Alecia Hinds, is also an attorney. They have two children who Hinds said he “wants to set a good example for.

“You want your children to see what you do, and be proud,” said Hinds.

He also said he is “very motivated and courageous,” having unsuccessfully ran for the State Assembly in 2012.

He, however, believes that “if people take an active interest in what goes on in their community, it would help immensely.

“We get so caught up in our own lives of going to work and going back home that we forget,” Hinds said. “Everyone should give a little bit of their time to improve the place we live in.”

Among the issues closest to Hinds’ heart are safety and education.

He said one challenge since becoming a lawyer is “learning all that comes with running your own business.

“The saying that ‘you are the head cook, clearing and bottle washer’ is true,” Hinds said. “There are so many facets to becoming a good lawyer and small business owner that is not taught in school.”

However, he said one success since becoming a lawyer is running his own business.

“Nothing is more rewarding than working for yourself,” Hinds said. “Every day, while challenging, is different, and I never wake up dreading what the day has to offer.”

He urged young people wishing to pursue law to “make a plan and stick to it.

“If you’re interested in law, spend a summer interning at a law firm, ask questions and make connections,” he said. “The first attorney I ever interned for is still my mentor to this day. He assisted me in my law school applications and is the first person I call when I have a question.”

The Hinds Firm, LLC is located at 564 East, 42nd St., Brooklyn. Hinds can also be reached at (718) 473-9767.

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