Barbadian folklore meets superheroes in ‘Hardears’ graphic novel

Cover of “Hardears,” by authors Matthew Clarke and Nigel Lynch.
© Megascope, 2021

“Hardears,” created by authors Matthew Clarke and Nigel Lynch, is the newest book from Megascope, a line of graphic novels from the Manhattan-based Abrams ComicArts.

Abrams ComicArts said it is dedicated to “showcasing speculative and nonfiction works by and about people of color, with a focus on science fiction, fantasy, horror, history and stories of magical realism.”

In “Hardears,” Barbadian folklore meets superheroes in a breathtakingly original Afro Caribbean fantasy adventure story.

Abrams ComicArts said “Hardears” takes place on Jouvert Island, a magical analog of the island of Barbados, and begins when a superstorm of unprecedented strength obliterates the island, leaving it totally defenseless.

“A local hero named Bolo and his love, Zhara, must fight evil forces that have taken over Jouvert and captured people from the island, using their life essence — or vibes — to feed factories,” Abrams ComicArts said.

It said Bolo, Zhara, and their allies must find the strength of their island and ancestors to fight for their homeland.

“Hardears” features an afterword by comic arts and African American and Caribbean literature scholar Cathy Thomas, who gives context to the Caribbean history and folklore that permeates the graphic novel.

The book’s product link can be found here:

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