‘Because We Fly’

‘Because We Fly’|‘Because We Fly’|‘Because We Fly’
Candice Fritz and Shevonne Hannibal in a portrayal of the Canary.
Giselle Fritz & Associates

Giselle Fritz & Associates present “Because We Fly” for this year’s Junior Carnival in Brooklyn. The band’s title was inspired by nature’s beauty.

Band leader Fritz explained that while relaxing on some rocks by a lake in the Poconos in Pennsylvania with her family they had the most unexpected and mesmerizing experience of their lives.

“We saw, what we thought was a dazzling, twisting, rain cloud approaching. As it got closer we saw hundreds of birds, seemingly fledglings of varying hues and sizes moving gracefully and swiftly, all in one direction,” said Fritz. What a spectacle! What a phenomenal experience!

She said immediately the family began putting names to the glimpse we got of the colors that adorned the sky. Names of birds poured out.

According to the leader, the youngest of the group said, “we could not look so pretty, because we walk.”

“I thought of this statement and the experience and married both. Something snapped in my thoughts and the name of the band was born-’Because We Fly,’” said Fritz.

The flamingo in the sky is a sight to behold.
Giselle Fritz & Associates

“Since my aim is a small band in the Junior Category, I thought of simple birds — the canary, the blue jay, the peacock and the flamingo that could represent four sections. I began working on the idea,” said the band leader.

Cheryl Celestine, who joined the band this year, will use her love for Junior Carnival to present the enchanted peacock section. She conducted a weekend workshop for WIADCA and is an asset to the development of the carnival.

The sections will be presented in beautiful costumes made in delicate fabrics and colors of varying hues. The simple formation could be easily interpreted by the eyes of a child.

The band Giselle Fritz & Associates continues to be all-inclusive so parents are free to enjoy the parade. It placed first in last year’s presentation. The junior male participant also placed first.

According to Fritz this year the band looks forward to a healthy, successful, safe and enjoyable Junior Carnival for all participants.

Contact: Giselle: 347 737 9326; Cheryl: 347 423 8645.

Kamayah Saul portrays a Blue Jay in celestial motion as it soars in the sky.
Giselle Fritz & Associates

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