‘Behold the Throne’ extols Freaks Mas

‘Behold the Throne’ extols Freaks Mas|‘Behold the Throne’ extols Freaks Mas
Photo by Nelson A. King|Photo by Nelson A. King

Freaks Mas will “Behold the Throne” as it competes for the fourth successive year in the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade on Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway.

This year, the band, formerly called Natural Freaks, will portray eight sections in “Behold the Throne,” band secretary Trinidadian Althia McKenna told Caribbean Life.

The sections are: Aphrodite, Freyja, Isis, Queen of Carnival, King & Queen of Carnival, Phenomenal Hera, The Virgin Queen, and Yemaya.

All sections comprise female masqueraders, while seven sections have males. Aphrodite is the only section without males.

McKenna said “Behold the Throne” will comprise about 500 masqueraders, representing different Caribbean islands and including “people from Florida, Canada, Boston and our local base of Brooklyn.”

“As usual we expect the best from our road experience,” she said. “Our goal is to make sure our masqueraders have the most amazing time on the road, but definitely to come in first place in the large band competition.

“Our masqueraders can expect to have a wonderful and safe time with us on the road,” she added, stating that preparation for the parade is “going very well

“We have a full production team to help out with the production, two great sales girls who help out so much, [and] the section leaders are on point with their production,” McKenna continued.

“Our members help the process go by so easy,” she said. “Without the members, we wouldn’t be what we are today.”

Natural Freaks Reloaded will provide music for masqueraders, McKenna said.

The mas camp is located at 4515 Ave. D in Brooklyn. You can also reach it at www.freaksnymas.com; email: Freaksnymas@gmail.com; Instagram at Freaksmas; Twitter at Freaksmas; Facebook at www.facebook.com/FreaksMas; or call (347)-260-6959.