Karma Carnival presents La Chaleur du Moment – Fire, Ice Edition

Karma Carnival presents La Chaleur du Moment – Fire, Ice Edition|Karma Carnival presents La Chaleur du Moment – Fire, Ice Edition
Nelson A. King|Nelson A. King

With some of its founders from partially patois-speaking St. Lucia — others are from Trinidad and Tobago — Karma Carnival will this Labor Day present “La Chaleur du Moment — Fire and Ice Edition.”

“We decided with this theme based on our overall experience of Carnival; there is no in-between, for it’s always hot and cold,” said Jamell Henderson, the band’s director of public relations, in a Caribbean Life interview. “Everyone can either enjoy the cool, icy groovy vibes and atmosphere of carnival; or they can be on fire, which will give them the power of the atmosphere of carnival.”

Henderson said “La Cheleur du Moment” comprises four sections: Glacial Fever, Aurora Borealis, Seductive Inferno and Sultry Submission.

For Glacial Fever, he said: “In the moment of carnival, no matter how hot the atmosphere of the party, the moment you walk in the place, your cool icy vibes give them chills; and, therefore, they are yearning for your waistline to cool them off.”

On Aurora Borealis, Henderson said “in the moment of enjoying the vibes of the music, a special glow comes over you that gives you powers to dance all night.”

One’s seductive ways to the music, in Seductive Inferno, will “draw anyone to want to thief a whine from you,” said Henderson, warning, however, to be “careful, because you will set them on fire with your moves that they aren’t ready for.”

“Your body and soul draw them to your hotness of the rhythm and vibes of carnival; and, therefore, they have no choice but to submit to the flames of your presence,” he said about Sultry Submission.

Glacial Fever and Seductive Inferno are for males only, said Henderson, adding that each section comprises at least 40 masqueraders.

He said masquerades are from all islands of the Caribbean, the United States, and across the world.

“At Karma, we welcome anyone and everyone; that’s how we change the mood of mas,” he said. “We are looking to be the very best, but it’s now to perform and execute, and to show the Caribbean community that Karma is not just a band — we are a family.”

Over the years, Henderson said Karma has “always performed well” on the parkway.

“We have always made sure that our masqueraders and supporters have a memorable experience that they will never forget,” he said. “Our masqueraders can expect another year of major fun and vibes while celebrating the pride of the Caribbean, as well as show love for Karma.”

Henderson said preparation is “going well for the parade, emphasizing that “Karma is a family, so we all work together for the greater goal.

“We have our beautiful and extraordinary models, our executive board, and our supporters who are always willing to lend a hand,” he said. “And because of them, Karma becomes more excited as the days draw near towards the parade.”

Henderson said Karma Carnival was formed in 2008 by a group of young adults “who simply adhered to its creed “Changing the Mood of Mas.”

“Karma is a trendsetter in bringing in and welcoming people from all backgrounds to love and experience the Caribbean culture and atmosphere,” he said. “Our executive board consists of members who represent different ages and backgrounds of the Caribbean and the U.S. We have representation from St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent, Jamaica and the U.S.”

A variety of DJ’s will entertain masqueraders on Eastern Parkway, said Henderson without identifying them.

Karma is on several social media sites: Instagram-Karmacarnival; and Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat — Karma Carnival.

The mas camp is on the corner of 54th Street and Clarkson Avenue in Brooklyn.

Members can also be reached via email at carnivalkarma@gmail.com; on the band’s website www.karmacarnival.com; or call (404) 438–9108 or (347) 401–7360.

Kenica Rene portrays “Seductive Inferno.”
Nelson A. King