Bermuda beckons visitors to its shores

Officials pose at the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Always in Season reception. They are: Aileen Ratteray Pryse, permanent secretary, Ministry of Tourism & Transport, Zane S.J. DeSilva, JP, MP, Doreen Williams-James, owner, Wild Herbs n Plants of Bermuda and Kevin Dallas, CEO Bermuda Tourism Authority.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTO) visually transported vacationers to the tropical paradise, where drinks and eats were plant-based, and the décor exuded tropical flora, during a colorful and creative island reception, titled “Bermuda: Always in Season,” at the NoMo Hotel, Manhattan.

The Feb. 27 event that invigorated the mind, body, and soul, and beckoned visitors to Bermuda — named “Best Trips” by the National Geographic Traveler in 2016, attracted tour operators, hoteliers, media, and most of all, tourists.

Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Kevin Dallas, dressed in Bermuda shorts, mused that the Bermuda allure, was an alternative, to “your depressing NY winter,” adding, that the British Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, is 90 minutes from New York, offering bright flora, and ripe with year-round vacationing potential.

He called on guests to take advantage of the 21-sq-mile island that has different stories to tell, and a spectacular view of 10,000 whales, stating that 2018 was a phenomenal year for Bermuda that welcomed a record high number of visitors to the island.

Bermuda has seen the highest air arrival in 20 years, outside of the summer months, said Dallas, noting that the BTO is delighted with its well-established tourism recovery.

The event, attended by Zane S. J. DeSilva JP, MP, minister of tourism and transport, and Aideen Ratteray Pryse, permanent secretary, Ministry of Tourism & Transport, served hors d’oeuvre of edible plants by Doreen Williams-James’ owner of Wild Herbs n Plants of Bermuda.

Video backdrop, of captivating scenery of the island’s aquamarine waters, landscape, and island life style, kept travellers entertained during the hours long tourism event.

Bermuda prides itself on a mix of British charm and island soul. It is intriguing and inviting, with a way of life, elegantly relaxed and genuinely warm. It celebrates culture, and revel in nature. Its pink-sand beaches, historic towns and year-round experiences, will bring back tourist to its shores, said the tourism guide.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority partnered with hotels: Elbow Beach Bermuda, Fairmont South Hampton, Grotto Bay Beach & Resort, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, and Rosedon Hotel Bermuda.

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This group of gentlemen, decked out in Bermuda Shorts, brought the natural beauty, bright flora, fresh flavors and a healthy dose of mystery swirl together to bring Bermuda’s allure to warm up Manhattan.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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