Black Am I: ‘Mr. Hurry Come Up’

Black Am I
Reggae artist Black Am I.
Courtesy: Black Am I

Jamaica’s velvet-voiced reggae crooner Black Am I has released a new single highlighting the person who is so eager to succeed at any cost, titled “Mr. Hurry Come Up.”

The new track, which is released through the Ghetto Youth’s International label, is produced by the legendary Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley and Young Pow.

“It features a strong reggae feel accompanied by a stern message to those who want to get to their goal at any cost,” said the Brooklyn-based, Jamaican-born entertainment publicist Ronnie Tomlinson.

“Black Am I’s message sheds light on the fast pace, social media, superficial world we are all surrounded by and the impact it has on mankind,” she told Caribbean Life. “With singles like Modern Day Freedom, Samson Strength, King of Kings, The Edge and, most recently, Work Day, (Black Am I) gives his audience just enough at a time.

Jamaican Reggae artist Black Am I.
Jamaican Reggae artist Black Am I. Courtesy: Black Am I

“Black Am I is giving his audience just enough for the palate as he shares his versatility,” Tomlinson added. “Easily distinguished from his contemporaries, Black Am I will resonate with lovers of Reggae for years to come. This is reflected in the quality and longevity of his songs, some of which have been out for seven years.”

A native son of the famous Nine Mile, birthplace of the legend Bob Marley, she said Black Am I’s moral compass points “true north.”

“His subject matter reflects his seasoned, yet youthful outlook, and the nuances of his spiritual experience as Rastafari,” Tomlinson said. “Now signed to the Marley’s’ Ghetto Youths International, he has displayed exceptional bearing in a sea of musical noise.

“The latest single ‘Mr. Hurry Come Up’ attests to his ability to stand out and speak to the lives of those without voices,” she added.

“Mr. Hurry Come Up” is currently available and streaming on all digital platforms.

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