Bolt wins but unhappy

Bolt wins but unhappy
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, center, wins the 200-meter at the Adidas Grand Prix in New York, Saturday, June 13, 2015. Alonso Edward, left, of Panama, and Rasheed Dwyer, right, of Jamaica, also compete.
Associated Press / Bryan R, Smith

Despite being victorious, Jamaican Usain Bolt was disappointed with his New York appearance this time around. All eyes were centered on him to see if he would make a successful come back. Remember, Bolt holds the world record of 19.19 in the 200 meters set in 2009. He wanted to break it, if he could.

Bolt, like all the sprinters go out quickly and want to keep a lead if they could.His performance at Icahn Stadium, in New York City’s Randalls Island, was what he termed the worse during his career in New York. He has not competed in New York in seven years.

“It was really bad coming off the turn,” Bolt said after the event.

He ran what he termed a horrible curve and was so discouraged that he eased up before the finish line. He clocked in at 20.29.

“I didn’t know what happened,” the veteran runner said. “I can’t express and it was really bad. It was probably one of my worse races that I ever had in my entire life.”

When he got out of the blocks, he just didn’t seem to go anywhere, pretty much. He always want to keep working for some reason as he always figures it out.

Turning the clock back to the year 2008, he was primarily a 100- and 200-meter specialist and performed very well in both events. His main rival in these sprints was Tyson Gay, who captured the 100-meter dash in a time of 10.12 last week. And during the frame of the late 200s, Bolt won a 100-meter run in 9.58 to become the world’s fastest runner at that time.

Any time an athlete gets a chance to run it builds his confidence. And last week it boosted it up in their events. They each put in fast times during their careers.

Coming into their specialties, everything including their training, was going good and in their favor.

It is a tremendous feeling to compete at Ichan Stadium for any athlete, and Bolt and Gay were no exceptions. The athletes would like to thank Adidas for letting them compete in their games. Those who did not perform that well are now trying to get their form back to where it should be and prepare for the 12th such Grand Prix event next year.

Meanwhile, besides action for the elite athletes on the track and on the field, there were relay events that the kids and high school and grade school students, as well took part in. Various clubs in their area were well represented especially on the track. Clubs such as the Prospect Park Track Club of Brooklyn, and the Metro Eagles of Queens were well represented by both sexes. They all made favorable remarks about the meet.

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