Brooklyn church celebrates 20th anniversary

Brooklyn church celebrates 20th anniversary|Brooklyn church celebrates 20th anniversary|Brooklyn church celebrates 20th anniversary|Brooklyn church celebrates 20th anniversary|Brooklyn church celebrates 20th anniversary|Brooklyn church celebrates 20th anniversary
Sis. Melanie Miller (center) leading the Praise and Worship team, flanked by Cathy Muckett-Drummond (l) and Michael Fergus.
Photo by Nelson A. King

With lofty and spiritually-uplifting singing and music, resounding testimonials, and billowing preaching and praying, Attributes of Christ Ministries, a small evangelical church on Albany Avenue in the Crown Heights, Brooklyn two Sundays ago celebrated its 20th anniversary with much fanfare.

Church leaders also used the near-five-hour-long grand celebration to honor some members who have been in God’s vineyard over the years.

Before moving to 302 Albany Ave., the church was first at 105 Broadway Ave., then at 1460 St. John’s Pl. — all in Brooklyn.

Those honored, who started with the church on Broadway Avenue, were: Claudette Muckett; her daughter, Cathy Muckett-Drummond; Thelma Lezama; and Venice Mitchell.

Honorees for the St. John’s Place location were: Susan Klass, Kenneth John, Ronica Sam, Jennifer Isles and Miles Miller.

And honorees, who started with the church at its current location, were: Tevern Roberts, Michael Fergus and Rhonda Williams.

The church’s pastor, Rudvin Samuel, and the First Lady, Sharon Samuel, presented plaques to the honorees.

“Let us be encouraged,” Pastor Samuel urged celebrants. “While there are challenges, they are not greater than the good Lord in us.”

Roberts, one of the church’s ministers, who served as liturgist, said he was delighted to be a member of Attributes of Christ Ministries.

“It’s a pleasure serving the body of Christ,” he said. “It’s an honor to serve God. It’s an honor to serve in the ministry.”

Sis. Muckett, widow of the church’s late founder and original pastor, Dr. Bro. William Muckett, said: “To God be the glory. I could not have made it but for the love of God. With His love, I’ll go with perfection.”

Deacon Miller, the church’s Guyanese-born choir director, said, when he started with Attributes of Christ Ministries 15 years ago, the Mucketts urged him to start playing the bass guitar.

From there, he said he worked his way up to his current position.

“All God wants it to make us available to Him,” Miller said.

The celebration was punctuated with, among other things, high-voltage singing from the Praise and Worship Team, comprising Melanie Miller, Muckett-Drummond, Michael Fergus and Sandra Browne; the church’s choir; a duet by husband and wife Whitney and Marion Liverpool; solo rendition by 8-year-old Kaleah Miller; and keyboard playing by Kaleah’s six-year-old brother, Nathaniel Miller.

In reading the church’s history, David Taylor noted that “the month of February is special to many people for many reasons.

“To some, it is Black History month,” he said. “To others, it is the month in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated. But to Attributes of Christ Ministries, February is the month of anniversary.

“Yes, Attributes of Christ Ministries began in February of 1999,” Taylor added. “It was the 7th to be precise, under the leadership of William Muckett, known to everyone as Bro. Muckett.”

Taylor said Pastor Muckett went to be with the Lord in January 2013.

“His contributions to the Kingdom of God, whether in Attributes of Christ Ministries or other areas, while not always recognized by others, are certainly known to God,” he said. “We can rest assured that his reward will be just.”

Pastor Samuel succeeded his Vincentian-born compatriot Pastor Muckett.

“While there are challenges facing us, certainly, they are not greater than the God we serve,” Taylor said. “Remember, he that began that good work will, certainly, bring it to completion.”

In his message, guest preacher, the Rev. Derwin Grant, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church on Eastern Parkway, near Utica Avenue, in Brooklyn, urged members of Attributes of Christ Ministers to “hear what God has to say.

“On this 20th anniversary, it’s time to move to the next level,” he preached. “Get ready to move, get ready to leverage for your next level. I dare you to step out.

“As you step out in your 21st year, great things will come,” Rev. Grant added. “If you work together, no weapon will form against you. It’s a joy when you can celebrate 20 years.”

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