Brooklyn Dem boss congratulates winners, respects losers

Brooklyn Dem
Brian Cunningham with Brooklyn Democratic Party Chair Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn.
Office of Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn

Brooklyn Democratic Party Leader New York State Assembly Member, Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn has congratulated the winners across Brooklyn in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary and expressed her “respect for those who may have fallen short but took part in the electoral process that underpins our democracy.”

“We’re all Democrats, and I look forward to working with our new and returning incumbents in the federal, state and city legislatures, and the state committee members and district leaders on the Brooklyn Democratic Party Executive Committee,” said Bichotte Hermelyn, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, who represents the 42nd Assembly District in Brooklyn.

“We are all Democrats, and we are all committed to creating a more progressive and equitable future for all Brooklynites,” she added.

“Now that the voters have spoken, their choices will be clear once the absentee ballots are counted,” Bichotte-Hermelyn continued. “It is time to turn our attention to the general election (in November), where we must all work together to ensure a greater Democratic majority in Albany (New York State capital), the US House of Representatives and the Senate.”

Bichotte Hermelyn congratulated the following winners in the Primary: Gov. Kathy Hochul; Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado; Civil Court Judge, Kings County, Pat Hayes Torres; 43rd Assembly District Brian Cunningham; 46th Assembly District Mathylde Frontus; 50th Assembly District Emily E. Gallagher; 51st Assembly District Marcela Mitaynes; and 54th Assembly District Erik Martin Dilan.

Others Bichotte Hermelyn congratulated were: 55th Assembly District Latrice Monique Walker; 57th Assembly District Phara Souffrant Forrest; 58th Assembly District Monique Chandler-Waterman; 60th Assembly District Nikki Lucas; and 61st Assembly District Charles D. Fall.

For Female State Committee Members/District Leaders, Bichotte Hermelyn congratulated: 43rd Assembly District Sarana Purcell; 46th Assembly District Dionne Brown-Jordan; 51st Assembly District Jacqui Painter; 52nd Assembly District Lydia Bella Green; 54th Assembly District Arleny Alvarado; 56th Assembly District Kenesha D. Traynham-Cooper; 57th Assembly District Shaquana Boykin; 58th Assembly District Mercedes Narcisse; 59th Assembly District Roxanne Persaud; and 60th Assembly District Nikki Lucas.

Bichotte Hermelyn also congratulated the following Male State Committee Members/District Leaders: 43rd Assembly District Akel Williams; 46th Assembly District Chris McCreight; 48th Assembly District Pinny Ringel; 52nd Assembly District Aaron Ouyang; 53rd Assembly District Felix Ceballos; 54th Assembly District Robert Camacho; 57th Assembly District Michael Boomer; 58th Assembly District Kevin Parker; and 60th Assembly District Charles Barron.

Lucas – who won re-election for New York State Assembly in the 60th Assembly District and the New York State Committee Member race (District Leader) over Inez Barron – thanked “everyone in the 60th Assembly District who voted for me, prayed for me, and have supported me over the years.

“I am humbled by the large margin of victory in both the Assembly and District Leader races,” she said in a statement. “This shows the confidence that the community has placed in me.

“I want to also thank those who did not vote for me but came out to vote,” she added. “During this time when the Supreme Court is overturning rights, we need to continue to exercise our right to vote during every election.

“I must also thank the members of the many labor unions that supported me,” Lucas continued. “I will continue to stand with unions in their fight for fair wages, benefits and safety conditions.”

In addition, she gave “a special thank you” to Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, “who has believed in me and supported me from the very beginning, and he has never wavered in his support.”

In just a few short months as the Assembly Member in the district, Lucas said she was able to sponsor bills that were passed and signed by the governor.

“I look forward to continuing to legislate on behalf of East New York, Starrett City, Brownsville and Canarsie,” she said. “I am also very committed to bringing resources to the community and bringing the district into the 21st Century. We have been suffering for too long.

“Again, thank you to every resident of the 60th Assembly District who exercised their right to vote,” she added.

Esther Debbie Louis, the daughter of Haitian and Bahamian immigrants, who was unsuccessful in her bid for Female State Committee Member/District Leader in the 58th Assembly District, said she was “grateful for the support of my family, community and the grassroots movement that made this campaign possible.

“I count my blessings every single day that I am a civic-minded American and had the opportunity to run for office,” said the sister of Council Member Farah N. Louis, representative for the 45th Council District. “I feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign that we built together – this vast, diverse, creative, unruly, energized campaign.

“I know how disappointed you feel, because I feel it, too, and I am more hurt for the many constituents who invested in this effort,” Debbie told voters in a statement. “However, I want you to remember this: our campaign was never about one person or even one election, it was about the people. It was about the district we love, and about building a community that is hopeful, inclusive, and effective.

“We have seen that our district is more deeply divided than we thought, but I still believe in the people of this district, and I always will,” she added. “And let me add, our representative democracy demands our participation, not just in this one election, but all the time.

“So, let’s do all we can to keep advancing the causes and values we all hold dear,” Debbie continued. “It is our responsibility as citizens to keep doing our part to build that better, stronger, fairer district and hold those in office accountable.”