Brooklyn faith-based lifestyle designer creates Christian outfits

Founder, CEO of faith-based lifestyle brand Tashee Inc., Natashia Lambkin.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Brooklyn born and bred fashion designer Natasha Lambkin’s most famous creation was priced at $1760 and featured in Vogue Italia, a testament to the extraordinary talents, gifted to this young lady in her brand collection, Tashee Inc., a faith-based lifestyle brand noted for its Christian outfits, inspired by her Christian beliefs, and which was launched six years ago.

With model-like looks, and her distinctive Afro-centric style, Lambkin, founder and CEO of Tashee Inc., who traces her roots to the Caribbean, her mother, Jamaican, and father Trinidadian, described her design concepts as modest fashion that is not just fully covered.

“It’s about being modest on the inside first. Through my fashion, and my company, I teach women the importance of modest fashion. I offer and promote biblical teachings and morals throughout our marketing and social media campaigns.”

She told Caribbean Life, that her designs are innovative, which are aesthetically pleasing to customers and followers of the brand.

Lambkin, who credits Jesus as her biggest inspiration, constantly creates looks that are pleasing in his sight.

“Whatever I design, models who he is, which is modest. I always try to make sure as a Christian I embody my faith in what I design for women. Also being that God is the creator of all, means that I shouldn’t limit my creations, but to always be innovative while thinking outside the box,” said the self-effacing couturier.

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), NYC, Lambkin said she loves dressing differently from other people. “I will say my style is unique, trendy, innovative and sophisticated all in one.”

“I found out that I have a creative side, since the age of 3,” she said. Lambkin said she pencil-sketched the cover of her “Little Mermaid” storybook without tracing the artwork.

“The drawing was pretty impressive,” the designer said, giving herself a pat on the back for her first creation at age 16. The design was showcased at the Caribbean American Day Carnival Parade in Brooklyn. For this, it can safely be said, Lambkin’s creative juices were flowing, because the piece was done by hand, and completed in one day, in the absence of a sewing machine at the time.

Her ingenuity helped her work to blossom into a thriving, successful career in fashion, since one of her major pieces was worn by the famous, Yandy Smith, CEO of Yelle Skincare, who was gifted the brand’s Tashee Warrior Tee-Shirt in 2019.

Lambkin said Brandice Daniel, the founder of Harlem Fashion Row, also wore her company’s Armor Tulip Jumpsuit on stage at the 2019 Essence Festival.

Like so many others, Tashee Inc., felt a pinch from the coronavirus pandemic, she said, the company had recently launched its Spring/Summer 2020 collection, but just after “our pre-order window opened, the pandemic hit which affected our sales.”

“Our factory closed so we were not able to produce any clothing. As a result, we had to pivot our business and sell face masks,” she explained, noting that the company is back in full operation and the brand, is no longer selling face masks.

They have returned to selling its humble clothing, she said that showcases her creative talent.

According to the Christian fashionista, as far as fashion go, she knew she had a creative side in the field from since age, 15. Adding, that she started by drawing outfits that suited her taste in fashion, that were very innovative and trendy, to wear for the first day of school, a talent that continues in our successful, Tashee Inc. collection of clothing.

Lambkin’s mantra is “Put God first and believe that you can do the impossible, even when it seems impossible.”

The multi-talented creator also released a documentary on who she is. The short film could be found on her YouTube channel – Email:[email protected]