Brooklyn Hospital honors founders of medical school

Joe Namath
Photo by Jordan Rathkopf

An honor from a legend.

Former football player and hall of famer Joe Namath honored medical heroes at the Brooklyn Hospital Foundation Founders Ball in Brooklyn Heights on Sept. 27. The sports legend attended the annual fund-raiser to celebrate Charles Modica and Patrick Adams, the founders of St. George’s University of Medicine in Grenada. The school the men founded 40 years ago helped revolutionize healthcare education in the Caribbean country, and they were recognized for those efforts at the ball by Namath.

“I am privileged and honored to be here — I understand the importance of what these guys have done, and to have them as friends I’m a thankful guy to be there,” said Namath.

“There is not one person that I know of in the years that I’ve lived that’s more generous, disciplined, kind, and loving than Charlie Modica.”

And the notable athlete even made a few jokes at times.

“I don’t think he’s all that smart to begin with — I think his father had a lot to do with it,” humored Namath.

The men were bestowed with the Founders Medal Award, two ribboned medallions honoring them for their work in changing the scope of medical facilities in Grenada.

Other honorees at the ball were two of Brooklyn Hospital’s own, Dr. Anders Cohen, director of neuroscience, and Dr. Saimamba Veeramachaneni, director of clinical cardiology at the center with the Walter E. Reed medal.

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