ButterMEssentials opens in Crown Heights

ButterMEssentials opens in Crown Heights|ButterMEssentials opens in Crown Heights
Vayden and Negesti Pinnock showcase some of their beauty products.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Ten years ago, when Negesti Pinnock, proprietor of ButterMEssentials, began blending ingredients in her kitchen to create a moisturizer for her daughter’s hair, she, not being a chemist, never imagined that she would find the right formulation to produce her first creation “Creamy Delight,” a fusion that became one of her top-selling beauty items.

The handcrafted, natural and organic hair and body company, tagline — “You Deserved to Be Buttered” is located at 688 Nostrand Ave., in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (between St. Marks and Prospect Place).

The boutique, is stocked with a variety of delightfully smelling hair butters & puddings, hair elixirs & serum, liquid & solid shampoos, natural conditioners, leave-in and deep conditioners, styling pomade and hair gels, solid body butters, massage and body oils, and artisan and luxury facial and body soaps (www.buttermessentials.com).

Husband and wife owners opened the ButterMEssentials store front earlier this year to meet the needs of customers, family and friends, who they had shared the all-natural mixes with, until they realized that there was a great demand for the healthy, clean, fresh, products, void of harmful ingredients including phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, or mineral oil.

Jamaican-born, Vayden, a computer expert, CEO / co-owner and marketing manager of the company, and Negesti, Barbadian / Jamaican-born educator turned businesswoman, filled the niche market, after quickly registering, and trade marking the company that fits, not only into the Caribbean community, but in a neighborhood now gentrified.

“I studied early childhood education, and I home-school my four children, but when my first daughter was born, I being natural from the age of 16, wanted to also use natural ingredients to moisten her hair,” said Negesti, who saw a list of ingredients in her dream. This is when she began her journey of creation.

“It had to be God, who helped me with these formulations, because I am not a chemist, but, I purchased the raw materials and started to melt and mix them together, and with research, I found out, these were the same products used in expensive brands. This is when I began to blend ingredients to create my product line,” said the entrepreneur.

But after many years of giving away her brilliantly made creations, she took a friend’s advice and started a business to sell the beauty items. One such item is the rejuvenating serum she used to revive her shredding hair after the birth of her son.

The Pinnock family, is just one of many success stories in the booming organic and natural beauty market.

This savvy business duo, who, were presented with the 2019 Caribbean Life Impact Award, last month, are using their joint skills to build the brand they created to suit the pocket of every family. The product line that comes in 4oz and 8oz offerings, caters for the winter, that causes dry skin irritation, callous, parched lips, and brittle hair.

The collection is designed for all hair types- straight, curly, kinky, weave, and is fortified with rich ingredients, including Aragon oil, Black Castor oil, lavender, oats, honey, spearmint, lemongrass, and fruit, among other natural essentials. Men can choose from beard and hair oil, beard balm, and body oils. Prices range from $7.00 to $20.00.

The company, driven by loyal customers, also sells products in Kingston, Jamaica. The line will be widely distributed in stores in Montego Bay in 2020 said the Pinnocks, who are busy designing Christmas gift baskets and festive boxes in time for the joyous holiday season.

In-store and on-line purchases get a discount. Shipping is free with purchase of over $50.00 (US only).

The company also has customized products for special occasions, like bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, private events, trade shows, and craft shows & expos. retail, wholesale and private labeling are also available.

For orders or more information, call 646-524-3351, email: sales@buttermessentials.com or follow ButterMEssentials on Instagram, facebook, youtube.

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