Caribbean Wellness Day at Flatbush church

Caribbean Wellness Day at Flatbush church|Caribbean Wellness Day at Flatbush church
Photo by Nelson A. King|

APC Community Services, a Brooklyn community action group recenyly conducted its Sixth Annual Caribbean Wellness Day at the Church of the Nativity on Ocean Avenue in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.

Held under the theme, “It’s Your Health, Take Charge NOW,” the event, co-sponsored by Brooklyn Sen. Eric Adams, with major hospitals and other health care community-based health organizations providing health screenings for vision, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and peak flow, among other health issues, attracted a large number of area residents.

Attendees were also educated and/or tested on body mass index, cancer, HIV/AIDS and coronary health, and Dr. Michael Abbot, of Methodist Hospital, spoke on Diabetes and Hypertension in the African American/Caribbean Community.

Dr. Abbott told Caribbean Life that it was important that Caribbean nationals be conscious of their eating habits, and explained that a significant amount of carbohydrates (mainly root vegetables) can ultimately impact on their health, resulting in obesity, hypertension and diabetes, among other things.

“This event is a great way to reach the Caribbean community and have a frank discussion on the importance of taking care of their health,” said Dr. Janice Emanuel-Bunn, the Guyanese-born president of APC Community Services and coordinator of the event. “The event was a tremendous success.”

She said the goal of the Wellness Day is to draw more awareness of the “epidemic of chronic diseases among Caribbean residents.”

Dr. Emanuel-Dunn thanked the Brooklyn-based Northeastern Conference Medical Missionary Team; the Manhattan-headquartered Glaucoma Caucus Foundation and Village Care Center; Church Avenue Merchant Business Association (CAMBA) in Brooklyn; American Cancer Society; the Washington-based Coronary Health Improvement (CHIP) program; and APC Community Services’ board members for providing services during the Wellness Day.

She also expressed gratitude to the volunteer nurses and to the Rev. Sheldon Hamblin, priest-in-charge of the Church of the Nativity, for use of the facility.

APC also conducts a medical mission to Guyana every year. Last year, 26 doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel provided medical services to over 1,000 individuals in several regions in Guyana. The group’s next mission to Guyana is slated from Aug. 5-16, 2012.

Conducting healthcare screening at Caribbean Wellness Day.