Carol Kingston Early Childhood Center celebrates 10th anniversary

By Nelson A. King

Carol Kingston Early Childhood Center, a daycare in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a gala evening in front of the center on East 42nd Street. The milestone event brought together past and present teachers, students, parents and community residents.

Dr. Janice Emanuel Bunn, the Guyanese-born founder and director of the school, named after veteran Guyanese pre-school educator Carol Kingston, told Caribbean Life that she was “gratified by the accomplishment of the center,” expressing thanks to past teachers and current teachers Yvonne English and Lindon Assaye.

“Carol Kingston will continue its tradition of providing quality pre-school education,” she said.

The past and present pupils displayed myriad talents at the event, singing, dancing, reciting poems, giving speeches, and playing the piano and other musical instruments to the very appreciative audience.

Current students sang and danced: Rodley Charles played the piano; Nalah Etienne and Jenny Cadet rendered poems; and Naomi Fils and Sara/Wilda Augustin sang.

Past student Kabina Agustin did a praise dance; while Ithar Abdelgadar, Naomi Fils and Nathaniel Fairweather, also past students, reflected on their experiences at the school.

Parents were also on the act, as Lorna Fairweather and Nicole Hugo thanked the teachers for their help in their children’s success.

Three-year-old Noah Etienne gave the vote of thanks. Seventh Day Adventist pastor Franklin Rodney, who is also a counselor with New York City’s Board of Education, served as Master of Ceremonies.

At the end of the near three-hour-long program, everyone, including guests, was served a sumptuous meal.

Dr. Emanuel Bunn, a professor at the University of Phoenix, said the school was established to provide a “solid educational foundation for young children, and to challenge them to develop a love for learning and a desire to strive for excellence.”

She said Carol Kingston Early Childhood Center has trained educators, and focuses on working with parents in “a partnership to develop the full potentials” of their children.

Dr. Emanuel Bunn said, over the years, Carol Kingston has distinguished itself as an “institution of excellence,” focusing on the development of foundational skills, such as phonics, early reading and math skills, music, languages (Spanish and French), fine and gross motor skills, and social skills.

Every year, children go on a variety of field trips, including apple picking at Musker Orchard, the Bronx and Prospect Park Zoos, New York Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, and Adventure land.

Emanuel Bunn said graduates from the school have gone on to achieve academic success. Examples include: Summer Camp and Afterschool student Orent Paddy is now a student at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a degree in biology; Marvel Kingston is a student at New York Tech, pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice; Courtland Guilliams is a student at Kingsborough Community college, pursuing a degree in business administration; and Christabell Guilliams is attending Berkley College, pursuing a degree in Forensic Science.