CDPAP bridges the gap to independence for the elderly and disabled

CDPAP bridges the gap to independence for the elderly and disabled

No one wants to live their senior years in an assisted living facility or nursing home. We want to live independent, active lives in our homes in a familiar neighborhood, surrounded by our family and friends for as long as we possibly can.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (often referred to as CDPAP) allows seniors and disabled adults to realize this dream without breaking the bank or placing an unnecessary burden on their children, close friends, and family. Through CDPAP, the patient can hire a Personal Assistant (PA) of their choice to assist them with their daily needs. PAs can help with things like bathing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, managing medications, and dressing wounds.

CDPAP allows elderly and disabled adults to stay in their own homes while receiving much needed support and assistance from people they can trust. Since Medicaid covers the costs of care, there is no financial burden for CDPAP participants. In addition, the program enables family members and friends to care for their loved ones without sacrificing their own financial freedom. CDPAP is ideal for individuals looking to age peacefully in their home, retain a close connection with their loved ones, and maintain a high level of independence in their life.

Not only is the consumer in charge of deciding what assistance they need and when they need it, but they can arrange for their PA to be a loving relative or friend. With the help of a state- provided nurse, each patient is evaluated for how many hours of care they are eligible to receive. Once the number of hours has been determined, the patient and their PA can develop a care plan detailing how to schedule their time. The consumer then decides which activities the PA’s help and assistance will be necessary for and begins to implement them into the care plan.

Home care agencies like Edison Home Health Care provide administrative support for patients and their PAs by walking them through the application process and help arrange an appropriate care plan. They also coordinate the Medicaid covered paychecks made out to the PAs for their work.

For CDPAP enrollment, or for answers to your CDPAP questions, contact Edison Home Health Care at (718) 489–2955, and learn how you can live more independently with the help and support of your loved ones today.

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