Celebrating life lived

Celebrating life lived

On the multiple pillars of Recognition, Respect, Reconciliation and Rally, Caribbean Women Socio-Cultural Association of America (CWUSCA) celebtared its 26th Anniversary by paying repects to its founder, Austin H. Tuitt, at a Elderhood Rite-of-Passage ceremony recently at Grace Deliverance Curch in East New York, Brooklyn.

The ceremony bore witness to the underlying principle that the woman, by nature, embodies the soil of fertility from which fruits of humanity emerge, and that the recognition that gender-harmony represents the bedrock ingredient of an all-inclusive global community is tantamount to the concept that woman must be justly honored and relied upon to advance stability of the species.

Paradigm Change:

CWSCAA , an incisive movement that represents the foundation of the United Peoples Inclusive (UPI), is poised to effect a paradigm change aimed at elevating emerging trends and stories that have been silenced by insensitive top-down social forces, Elder AustinTuitt,the driving force behind the movement for change, is determined to change the dynamics of the social order.

“In spite of our distinctive biological differences, nature has endowed the sexes with reciprocal compassion and charms to inspire motivate and care for each other,” he told Caribbean Life. “These are the seeds that sprout stable families, offspring and community; but unfortunately, this blueprint for gender accord is traditionally ignored, and a genuine effort to reverse this unsavory custom, however, must start from its roots.

“Looking keenly at the source of such a grave scenario, evidence reveals that contrary to nature’s design, male has randomly assumed superiority of the genders. In virtually every observable culture, and this unnatural dominance clearly gives rise to self-inflecting social dysfunction.”

The ElderHood Rite-of-Passage plank fosters equilibrium between the female gender and her counterpart, he added, “cultivating the karma humanity needs to mature in sink with the classless society planet earth intends”.

“The Journey

In pursuit of the American Dream, notably illusive for many a migrant dreamer, the Trinidadian-born former singer, song-writer, producer, arrived in the US in September of 1969 and was sharply faced with the reality that “empires and superpowers are built and maintained by the cheap labor forcibly or cunningly glean from the most vulnerable of indigenous and foreign peoples.”

“This swiftly redirected original focus, he concluded, and decisively immersed himself in the struggles of Caribbean peoples.”

Supported by astute Caribbean women, he inaugurated the Caribbean Women Socio Cultural Association of America, June 26 1986, at the New York-based United Nations headquarters.

The CWSCA vision statement vision statement:,”We Come Together Just A Few, To Give Of Ourselves Wisely That All May Receive Sufficiently and theme song, “Having A Baby,” provide the vision and clarity for CWSCAA and its universal United Peoples Inclusive movement,“ Elder Tuitt said, while being mindful that “the tentative nature of every maiden voyage, requires cautionmand a coming to terms with the reality that “caution must be the watchword on this epic journey.”