Christmas carnival spirit in preparation for Labor Day 2022

Mango Tree Productions bandleader Pauleen Loobie, seventh from left (red) next to Caribbean Life’s freelancer Tangerine Clarke sixth from left, with masqueraders at “A Masked Christmas,” event on Dec. 5, at 204 Parkside Ave. in Brooklyn.
Winston Rodney

The event space at 204 Parkside Ave., in Brooklyn, was not only festively decorated for the holidays, also came alive with the Caribbean spirit, on Dec. 5, when Mango Tree Productions bandleader, Pauleen Loobie gave masqueraders a sneak-peek of what Labor Day on Eastern Parkway, would look like in 2022.

The Port-of-Spain, Trinidad-born, costume designer, wearing a red costume mask designed with silver tinsel, and matched with her COVID-19 face mask, reveled to the sounds of carnival music, all fired-up for the season, with big hopes to once again vie in the Small Band category, at the Labor Day Parade on Eastern Parkway.

She told this reporter, who was also decked out in costume mask, that with a little bit of the past, present, and future, she was ready to bring her prowess as a seasoned designer, to dazzle the judges in September 2022.

The Mango Tree Production’s “Masked Christmas,” mask party saw an array of bedazzled, colorful masks, that prospective masqueraders had to choose from, as they too anticipate a grand return to mas.

The multi-award-winning designer who started in the business from a very young age, is celebrating 47 years in the business, with a drive and determination, more than ever, to return stronger after the coronavirus pandemic.

“The creations will be spectacular in scope,” said Loobie, who is ready to take on her competitors.

Pauleen Loobie, bandleader of Mango Tree Productions, play Mas with young masqueraders at a “Masked Christmas,” on Dec. 5, at 204 Parkside Ave, Brooklyn. Winston Rodney

“Celebrating the culture is in the blood. I have been designing costumes for 47 years. The theme commemorates from the past to the present, going on to the future. We will have a wonderful, healthy carnival, keep up the prayers for us, because, we are not giving up, strength is valuable,” said Loobie, who has over the years taken home the crown for Junior King, Best Band of the Year, Individual Queen, and Band Leader in carnival competitions.

Loobie, told Caribbean Life, she chooses to vie in the small band category, because she is very particular with how she designs, noting every piece must be neat and clean.

The band accommodates 100 masqueraders who will showcase Mango Production’s mesmerizing sections, that will include Fancy Sailors From The past, Juju Warriors, and Indians from the past to the present among other sections.

She called on everyone to stay healthy and safe, as she is doing, in preparation for Labor Day 2022.

The evening’s celebration, that included gift-giving, music, food and drink, is the designer’s way of giving back to fans that have supported Mango Tree Productions, that represents the spirit of carnival.

To connect with Pauleen Loobie, or reserve a costume, email: [email protected], or link mango productions @instagram or call (347) 772–4843.

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