Christopher Martin releases new EP ‘Steppin’ Razor’

Christopher Martin releases new EP ‘Steppin’ Razor’

Are you well sharp?

Music has the ability to help tap into any part of yourself you may want to keep dormant and Christopher Martin exudes confidence and swag in his latest EP “Steppin’ Razor.”

The Jamaican born reggae artist released the five-track project April 21 led by the lead single “Hide Away” — the first-ever project he has recorded that he did not write.

“As I heard the track I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the instrumental before I even heard the lyrics. It was just like fire. When I got the lyrics and the melody of the song it was like a marriage, a match made in heaven — one of those vibes,” Martin said. “It was a pleasant surprise because I always wrote my own songs but when I heard this, I liked it and that’s how I do music if I like it I’m going to do it.”

Inspired by the 1977 original “Steppin Razor” record by Peter Tosh, Martin put his own twist on the record he love to make his own. Switching the militant focus to center around self-confidence, Martin’s version refocuses the meaning of being sharp to being synonymous with having a high self-esteem and pride in yourself.

“I just feel like I’m a totally different person than anybody else. I view things from a very confident standpoint. I want when someone hears a song and the content is so confident I want people to say ‘only Chris could do that song,’” Martin said.

Look out for Christopher Martin in the coming months as he promises a full album to arrive “very, very soon.”

“This EP is like a tease of what’s to come and it’s a wonderful thing to see how the people have gravitated to this EP. I’m just gearing up and ready for the album,” he said.

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