Community board: Photographer disrupts meeting

Brooklyn’s Community Board 17 says an uninvited, unidentified photographer last Wednesday caused disruption at the board’s general meeting.

During the meeting, the board said in a statement that the photographer “entered and took photos without the permission of the board, nor those in attendance.

“Although this occurrence left some attendees in a state of disarray, we ask that everyone remain strong as we address matters in a unified way,” the board said. “During the aforementioned occurrence, the photographer was asked by a community resident to cease taking photos, as many in the audience openly expressed opposition to having their pictures taken.

“This individual was also asked by those in attendance to identify himself; he refused to honor both requests,” the statement added. “Failing to honor both requests resulted in a disruptive environment, which hindered the meeting’s progression.”

Subsequently, the photographer was asked to leave, the statement said.

The board said those in attendance at the monthly meeting represented diverse ethnicities and religions, including those of the Jewish faith.

“Community Board 17 is unequivocally inclusive of all races, ethnicities, faiths, sexual orientations, statuses and genders,” the statement said. “Any claims of discrimination, or specifically anti-Semitism, are exceedingly false and unfounded.”

“I am of Jewish background; I lived on East 45th Street, between Foster Avenue and Farragut Road, from 1950-1975,” the board quoted Rod Krasnostein, who attended the meeting from beginning to end on the night in question, as saying.

“I recently returned to my old neighborhood, where I was warmly greeted and found it [the neighborhood] to be in better shape than when I lived there,” he added. “It is a better place, not a worse place. I wanted to come and tell the community this for many years. Thank you for having me here tonight.”

Community Board 17 said its general board meetings are open to the public, and that advance notification of press attendance for these meetings is not required.

However, it said, if planning to film the session or bring a camera crew, “please contact the Board Office at (718) 434-3072 or email [email protected]

“We will place a form on our website,, that can be filled out stating your name, media affiliation and purpose of project,” the board said.

“We request this, so that we may repress misunderstanding and afford those citizens who choose to opt out of being photographed, the opportunity to avail themselves of whatever participation choice they deem appropriate,” it added.

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