Curing the elusive back pain

Nearly 55 billion dollars a year is spent on back pain in the United States each year, and yet it remains one of the most misunderstood and mis-diagnosed conditions a person can face. At this very moment 131.5 million people are actively searching online for alternative means to help them relieve their back pain.

So why isn’t more being done to understand this issue?

“The current medical system does not understand the merging of philosophies, integrating across medical genres and looking at prevention and reversing spinal problems. Every one is looking at what happens once damage occurs and labeling it as the cause of pain, when this is simple not true” explains Ashley Black, founder of Fasciology, the scientific approach to the body which stems from understanding the interplay of the fascia system with all other systems of the body.

For example, Black elaborates, “Orthopedic surgeons are trained to perform surgery and once surgery happens, the structure will never be the same,” Up until now, one possible answer to pain has been to cease the movement of the spine, but that is like trying to get your car to run better by encasing the tires in concrete.”

The problem with how back pain is approached is that the symptoms are treated rather than the cause. Symptoms like spondelitis, nerve issues, and disc degeneration. “By addressing the root cause of a person’s back pain, ie – the fact that the spine is morphing and causing structural deficiencies, muscle atrophy, compression, arthritis, and the like, we’re able to eliminate the need for surgery and help them to develop a stronger spine that is asymptomatic.”

Why does the spine morph? Ashley explains that, “The discs are not intended to support the spine, they are merely the backup structures. It is the multifudus muscles inside the spine that are supposed to do all the work. Fascia can restrict the height of the vertebrael bodies, limiting neurological access to segments of the spine. There are a multitude of studies that show where the fascia is adhesed and the multifidus is atrophied, correlates with the site of degeneration, arthritis and disc problems. So why doesn’t the general public not have access to the knowledge they need to restore the fascia and stimulate the muscles needed to support the spine in the proper position for long term spinal health? The answer is, Ashley Black is just introducing her technology for the first time.

You may be surprised to learn that nine out of 10 persons have never heard of the multifidus muscles or fascia, which is ironic considering that by treating these two elements, virtually all non-operative back pain can be completely solved.

“By utilizing the Ashley Black System (ABS), the body is ‘equipped’ to direct the discs back into their proper position. When the discs are supported in proper alignment, inflammation is reduced and the spine is actually returned to its correct shape and function, thereby eliminating the pain. ABS can be done at home or anywhere, and takes about 10 minutes each day,” explains Ashley.

Ashley Black, FO was born with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. At the age of 27 she was infected with a bone-eating bacteria that ate away two-thirds of her hip, which seriously deformed her physical body and left her in a black hole in the medical community. During the journey of healing upon which she embarked, she tried every healing method from east to west and ended up developing her own modalities of treatment to repair her spine and restore the function of her body. In 1999, she founded the science of Fasciology, and since then has worked extensively with celebrities and professional athletes all over the world to help them eliminate pain and perform more effectively. She is currently writing a book titled ‘Becoming Super Human’ due to be released in 2013.

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