Deh Abroad creates small business linkages in Little Caribbean

Dominic Christopher and Antonio Buddington
Co-founders, Dominic Christopher and Antonio Buddington, pose against a backdrop of their thriving non-profit Deh Abroad, during an East Flatbush Business Mixer event, in celebration of Caribbean American Heritage Month at Suede Restaurant, on Clarendon Road.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Dominic Christopher and Antonio Buddington, co-founders of Deh Abroad Village, a non-profit, launched in 2018, hosted a June 29, business mixer at Suede Restaurant on Clarendon Road in Brooklyn, to connect entrepreneurs in the diaspora as part of the Caribbean American History Month festivities.

The June 29, two-hour event that brought together business owners which inclusion elected officials and professionals, job seekers, and property owners to share ideas and experiences, on how the organization could build the neighborhood, a concept that fits right into the Jamaica New York non-profit social platform, dedicated to the Caribbean diaspora with a mission to create a network for wealth and cultural awareness.

Deh Abroad, also hosted a small business expo earlier in the month in Flatbush central with focus areas, such as addressing and promoting a variety of cultures across New York according to Jamaican-born Christopher, who noted that the duo created the initiative as an opportunity to highlight Caribbean excellence.

There is no fee to participate on the organization’s platform. However, businesses are asked to give discounts and incentives, such as providing internships opportunities to Caribbean-born students in the diaspora.

Christopher said one of the reasons for hosting the meet-up, is Deh Abroad is working along with New York small businesses “where we can connect Caribbean business owners around Church Avenue, and the along Little Caribbean district, while using Caribbean-American History month as an opportunity to show “each other that professionals do live in our community, and most of us are first, or second-generation immigrants.”

“We want to make this a stepping-stone as we continue to build on this and showcase our business community. I do believe that for us to have folks come and support businesses we can collaborate with merchants, and support each other as neighbors,” said Christopher.

“Hosting this event during Caribbean American Heritage Month is significant, and we are hoping that we can continue to build this. Our work starts in East Flatbush Brooklyn which is the Mecca of Caribbean Immigrants. We want to meet here and then connect with other Caribbean communities across New York.”

“Thanks very much for your support. It’s a start. I love the energy everyone is giving in the room,” said Christopher who plans to continue networking with small business owners building a network in the coming years.

Our partnership with @nycsmallbiz continues as we aim to create a Network for Wealth & Cultural Awareness for the Caribbean Community in New York City.

DehAbroad Village has started a partnership with CUNY Citizenship Now @cunycitizenshipnow to assist Caribbean Americans on a pathway to citizenship and also run a great initiative with @medgareverscollege — Caribbean Research Center & @dehabroad as they build a partnership to focus on #economicdevelopment #immigration #internship #mentorship #housing #ged #afterschoolprogram #cuny #smallbusiness

Deh Abroad will provide exclusive discounts and offers, networking, and educational opportunities, and the capacity for members to connect socially through games and/or message boards.

Deh Abroad and Caribbean American Restaurant Association (C.A.R.A.) collaborated, for the second Restaurant Week event, from June 12 – 18, 2022.

We look forward to working with other Caribbean American Organizations to achieve such goal.

The organization will go through three major cycles of growth based on volume of merchants and members; with the areas of risk keenly monitored and addressed by the executive leadership team.

With the high demand of networking in the new age, influential aspects are in dire need to be implemented within the community. We at DehAbroad give an edge within technology, business networking, marketing and much more to capitalize on our platform, which will deliver amenities to the Caribbean diaspora, according to the website.

To learn more, visit and connect on media Facebook, @Instagram. Download DehAbroad App from the Appstore.

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