Dingolay Mas fired up to revel on Parkway

Dingolay Mas fired up to revel on Parkway|Dingolay Mas fired up to revel on Parkway
Costume designers, Catherine Dubois, Rachael Hall, and Laverne Bradshaw showcasing some of the costumes to be featured in the “Green Themed” Dingolay Mas band.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Costume designer Rachel Hall said she created her themed “Green” — one-color costume collection of costumes in just one month to dress-up an expected 300 revelers when Dingolay Mas parades on Eastern Parkway on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 5.

The band had an exciting launch on June 3, before opening its Mas Camp at 1169 Nostrand Ave. in Brooklyn on July 1, with a dazzling array of costumes, all designed in the color green, and cut from spandex, and other comfortable fitting fabric to give masqueraders easy movement when they mas on the parkway.

Hall, a seasoned fashion designer, brought style and elegance to the raiment, some designed in two-piece bikini, boy shorts with bustier, body suits and skimpy all-in-one.

The impressive pieces are accessorize with jewelry, leg decorations and towering head pieces decorated with feathers.

The costumes are geared to all sizes, and embellished with colorful sequins, stones, and streamers. The outfits are priced from $350 – Front Line, Midline (two options) $300, and Back Line, $250. The individual pieces cost $375 each.

Over the last six years, the one-color themed costume band featured, red, yellow, blue, and other colors. This year, revelers will mas in the color — VERDE — Green in Spanish and once again, vie the medium band category. However, Hall said the presentation would be bigger and better, showcasing, seven sections of magnificent costumes.

She, along with teammates, Catherine Dubois and Laverne Bradshaw said it is a dream come true, and an amazing feeling to leave their homeland of Trinidad & Tobago, bring their culture to another country and celebrate as a family.

“It is beautiful, we enjoy ourselves, it is a family venture,” said Dubois who worked diligently with Bradshaw, to ensure each trimming was intricately placed on the costumes to enhance them.

In addition, Dingolay Mas has invited other costume designers Madd People Mas to present “Sirena,” and BoldFace Promotion who will showcase “Orchid Bee.”

Hall, who plans to launch the kiddy band in a few weeks, said the Mas camp will welcome revelers Monday to Saturday from midday to midnight, and Sundays from noon to 5 pm, in order to give revelers ample time to select costumes.

DJ Sound Waves and other DeeJays will spin sounds for Dingolay Mas on the Parkway.

Over the last 10 years, founders Eddie Trotman and Rachel Hall have been keeping the culture of the Caribbean alive and have mastered an idea to organize a masquerade band that participates in different events to showcase their creativity and designing skills.

For more information, call 347.228.8952 / 347.423.7918 or click www. dingolaymasnyc.com/2016/all-costumes

Green costumes at the Dingolay Mas Camp in Brooklyn.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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