‘Dingolay’ presents – Rave The Yellow Edition

‘Dingolay’ presents – Rave The Yellow Edition|‘Dingolay’ presents – Rave The Yellow Edition
Costume designer Rachel Hall (center) with costume-clad beauties after the launch of the band in Brooklyn.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Dingolay’s mas band one-color concept has put them in good standing. With a third place win at the 2014 Labor Day Carnival on Eastern Parkway, the band is now positioning itself to take home first prize when it invades the parade on Monday, Sept. 7.

Dynamic costume designers Eddie Trotman and Rachel Hall say their ‘Yellow” themed motif is causing quite a stir. Fresh after an early Brooklyn launch in June, the Trinidadian duo said they have seen a rush of revelers to their camp to register.

The band will once again compete in the medium band category as Rave – The All Yellow Edition. Trotman is confident that the seven-section band’s grand performance will capture the judge’s attention.

“Ms. Dingolay,” Rachel Hall will lead the band to its anticipated top win.

The skillfully created costumes are geared for high-energy performance. Revelers can choose from a Tankini, a two-piece, high waisted or a cover-up ensemble that are cut to suit any body type. The costumes are embellished with glitter, jewels, beads, sequins, streamers, and matched with magnificent headpieces designed with feathers.

“The band is the talk of the town, and we plan to step up our presentation to take home the crown,” said Trotman, whose well-crafted pieces are comfortable and allow easy movement. “The costumes are very nice and inexpensive,” added Trotman.

“Dingolay” prides itself on providing quality costumes for a low price. The back line costume cost $250.00, while the mid-line and the front line cost $300.00 and $400.00 respectively. The individual costume is priced at $450.00.

Hall, a first-rate fashion designer, will incorporate her seamstress skills to dress revelers of all ages. Last year a large section of her clientele were older and they opted for long flowing skirt cover-ups.

The versatile designer will outfit mostly female revelers, and just over 50 male masqueraders, but is hopeful others will join the band.

Dingolay draws its name from a carnival Soca song from the twin islands by the same name, meaning ample enjoyment. The mas camp will have live music accompanied by three deejays. Trotman expects to attract revelers to the band’s 1323 Nostrand Ave. (between Lennox and Clarkson) camp every night from 11 pm until visitors are ready to leave. “We are free-spirits and sometimes people come to register at 1 am, so everyone is invited to stop by to view our array of costumes,” said Trotman, who is already planning to take the band to Miami carnival after its expected win on the Parkway.

Trotman and Hall could be reached at (347) 228-8952, (347) 423-7918 or visit www.dingolaymasnyc.com.

Trinidadian costume designers Eddie Trotman and Rachel Hall at their Nostrand Avenue Mas Camp.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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