D’Midas presents ‘Kaleidoscope on Broadway’

D’Midas presents ‘Kaleidoscope on Broadway’|D’Midas presents ‘Kaleidoscope on Broadway’|D’Midas presents ‘Kaleidoscope on Broadway’|D’Midas presents ‘Kaleidoscope on Broadway’
Tzhasia Johnson portrays “Rocks & Roll.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The Brooklyn-based D’Midas International, N.Y. is hoping to continue doing well in the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade, as it presents “Kaleidoscope on Broadway.”

“The costumes are designed to put on a stage performance and tell the story as they (masqueraders) cross the stage,” said band leader and designer Glenn Turnbull in a Caribbean Life interview.

“The band has always done well, so there is no reason to believe it will not do well this year,” he added. “If we get the numbers, I am expecting to place in the top three in our category.”

Turnbull said D’Midas International, N.Y. has placed “first several times, second several times and third several times” (in the parade over the years).

He also disclosed that the senior band has won over eight “Queens of Carnival” and five Kings.

In addition, Turnbull said the junior band has won several top categories, over the years, including “Junior Queen and King.”

“The masqueraders can expect a great time and a well-made costume for their monies,” he said.

Turnbull said “Kaleidoscope on Broadway” comprises 15 sections altogether – 12 female and three male.

With one section unidentified, the female sections are: Rock n Roll Dancer; Lemon Drop; Setting Sun; Peaches n Cream; Oceanic; Moon Struck; Kaleidoscope; Mystical Dream; Rocky Blue; Brown Sugar; and Mid-Night Madness.

The male sections are: Rock n Roll Dancer, Kaleidoscope and Mystical Dream.

Turnbull said each section comprises 15 masqueraders, “which will make for a great presentation, as the band makes its way up the Parkway” (Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn).

Masqueraders are from several Caribbean islands and the continental U.S., Turnbull said.

D’Midas International, N.Y. was formed in 2000 by “friend and family to teach the youth in the community about Caribbean culture,” said Turnbull, who hails from the Virgin Islands.

The other producers, including Cheryl Johnson, are from Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago.

“We have members who have been making mas for over 30 years,” said Turnbull, adding that D’Midas Youth Group is also assisting with preparing costumes.

DJs Romano and Russian are among others who will supply gyrating soca music on the parkway, Turnbull said.

The mas camp is located at 1619 Nostrand Ave., between Tilden Avenue and Beverley Road in Brooklyn.

Turnbull can be reached at (718) 809-1017, or email at GFahi[email protected]otmail.com.

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