Elements of the Caribbean

Fashion designer to the stars Francis Hendy is prepping his exquisite menswear collection for the runway of the second Cayman Islands Fashion Solstice, scheduled for Grand Cayman on Saturday, Oct. 22.

Hendy’s long awaited return to New York fashion week after seven years came with stunning results. The Trinidad-born designer rocked the runway with his Spring Summer 2012 collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion event, at Time Warner Center, on Sept. 8.

The menswear line received many applause for its unique mix of color, texture and fabrication. The veteran fashion designer saturated the runway with bright hues in shirts, suits and bold pairings.

From the immaculately tailored blue sequin suit, to the orange ensemble that featured a green and black polka dot shirt, the pieces were simply hip. Hendy dressed his models in print shirts that showcased the floral and archetecural landscape of the Caribbean.

The master tailor himself who was dressed in a classic white linen suit matched with an eyelet fabric shirt, also showed off two-toned black and white eyelet shirts paired with back linen trousers, and floral shirts and florescent colored pants, that illuminated the runway.

The cutting-edge variation of striped and floral and architecture and flora elements of the Caribbean on shirts, said Hendy, was inspired by nature – the lush tropical ambiance and the vibrant style of the Caribbean. The trees, birds, and the rainbow feel brought together this exquisite collection.

“My trip to Tobago was a rejuvenating experience, the beauty of nature and the simplicity of island life and my collection reflects that energy and style” stated Hendy, adding that the collection is for strong and confident fashionistas.

During a hiatus from Fashion Week, Hendy has been showing his collections throughout the Caribbean and Canada and staying focus on being one of the leading fashion designers in the world who is known for his tailored, fresh and sexy menswear.

His vintage, yet modern take on menswear in bold prints and retro style menswear has gained him the reputation over the years as one of the leading classic brands with a rock and roll sensibility. His impeccable tailoring and craftsmanship has made him a favorite among fashion stylists and celebrities including Beyonce, JZ, Rhianna and the Black Eyed Pea.

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