Eugene hosts lien sale outreach at Flatbush Library

Eugene hosts lien sale outreach at Flatbush Library
Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene greets constituents receiving assistance with property taxes.
Office of Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene

Brooklyn Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene said on Monday that he partnered with New York City’s Department of Finance, Environmental Protection and Housing Preservation, as well as local organizations in hosting a lien sale outreach session at Flatbush Library to help residents pay their property tax bills.

“I want to thank our librarian, Ms. Negla-Ross Paris, because she has opened the Flatbush Library for this very important occasion,” said Eugene, representative for the 40th Council District in Brooklyn. “I also want to thank our community partner, Ms. Mechelle Brunson, for the work she has done to make this event possible.

“I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for being here, because as city council members, it is our duty to work with local organizations to serve New Yorkers,” Eugene added. “New York is a wonderful city, the best city in the world, but living here comes with many challenges.”

The council member said “the only way we are going to improve the city and to help those who are in pursuit of the American dream is by working together, and that is exactly what we are doing today.”

He also thanked the workers from the NYC Department of Finance Outreach for their “hard work”, as well as the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

“When elected officials do the right thing, people are happy, and we get the credit,” Eugene said. “But there are people who work very hard to make it happen.

“When I walked in today, I heard that someone was receiving a 50 percent reduction in their property tax bill, and that is wonderful,” he continued. “On behalf of the City of New York, thank you so very much.”

Eugene said the tax lien sale outreach session is part of his ongoing commitment to providing financial resources free of charge to local families who face the burden of unpaid property taxes, water bills and other charges.

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